Beaches in Goa to Boom

There is no kidding when it comes to the fact that Goa has the only and the best beaches in India. No denying, seriously. The place is a tropical paradise and offers only, the best dose to all sickness be it mental or physical, relaxation. Goa has no culture and even it we want to categorise the culture, then we would say that Goa breathes only a culture of relaxation, freedom, and peace. People from all sorts of religion and taste come to the holy place only to find one thing and that is themselves as we lose ourselves in the eclipse of responsibilities on our shoulders. Goa, India serves tourists, an addictive cult of nightlife, beaches that invites only mitigation, food that compels only appreciation and parties clouded with music that is tranquilizing. But the best part of Goa is its beaches, which is the platter of all this fun, and compelled by the nerve of appreciating, we here list the best beaches of Goa:

Querim Beach, Goa: Located in North Goa, the beach is situated close to Tiracol fort. The beach is somewhat unexplored and has a calm shore with less population. Goa Tourist can look out for hotels in Goa in order to enjoy the natural lounge of the beach or can live in the Tiracol Fort which is now converted into a hotel. For sports lovers, the beach is a host of few paragliding and other water sports as well.

Arambol Beach, Goa: Again another beach of North Goa, Arambol is the most famous of all beaches of Goa. The beach is a house of several hippies who relax there as the beach comes under the category of not-entirely-explored by commoners. The beach is also famous for sweet water lake located at Paliem beach of Arambol. There is a Glastonbury Street located at the backside of the beach which sales bizarre array of several knick knacks.

Morjim Beach, Goa: The most secluded beach of Goa is Morjim Beach. The beach is also a home to several variety of birds and also olive ridley turtles, which is one of the attractions of this beach. There are plenty of russian immigrants here and hence the beach has also got a name of min-Russia. Morjim is the best beach for alternative therapies, relaxation and kite surfing as well. Walk the beach for its foreign avatar in an Indian state.

Vagator Beach, Goa: Located amidst the white sand, cliffs and mild hills, Vagator is a heavily populated but yet the most famous beach of Goa. Nearby attraction of Vagator is Chapora Fort and the beach also incorporates a wide stretch of beautiful coconut trees. Located around 21 kilometers from Panaji, Vagator is the best beach for relaxation, however, finding out a spot for yourself can be a difficult task but still it is a must visit.

Anjuna Beach, Goa: Anjuna is a beach that is widely known for its night or beach parties. The beach is by default the favorite spot for foreigners in Goa, India. Curlies is the most famous destination for party in Anjuna and a peaceful sea shore, delicious eating joints, flea markets, and western food with an add on advantage of chilled beer are the highlights of Anjuna beach.

There are several other beaches in Goa that comes under holidays to Goa, but this is the hitlist and if you guys feel that we missed some beaches that deserve to be listed in the list, then drop in your suggestions, after all sharing information is kindness. Stay tuned with us for more information.


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