Best beach party destinations in the world

“Definition of Beach and Party is only peace in mind and curiosity in the feet” -Bazil. Party and Beach is the only love that I know in my life. The constant hustle, the irrational dancing, the beauty of the waves and the urge to be with strangers is the best thing I do and which is why I am here to share my favorite party spots with you guys, not that I have visited all, but yeah have visited some.

In my opinion, the world is a small place when it comes to finding out best party destination. Starting from luxury and spoilt parties in Dubai till the craziness piling up in Thailand, there are places in the world that stay alive 24×7 and kill all the norms of routine parties. Read on to pick your favorite.

Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos Island: Located in Greece, the beach is a awesome in every inch of its existence. Trust, the beach is amazing, thanks to its exposed flesh, legendary party shenanigans and not to forget sexy revellers. The blissful blue water of the ocean, and the open alternative to wear clothes or not, makes the place a best meal for party animals. Relax, chillax, drink, have sex and party 24×7 on the beach. This is my personal favorite.

Cala Jondal Beach, Ibiza: Located in sophisticated Spain, the place is a synonym for wild and raunchy parties. The beach has stayed as an iconic party destination since a long time and is a home to sensual and crazy party goes who actually define the party capacity. The clubs at beach offers glamorous pools, cabanas, sun beds and hidden VIP areas created amongst the trees. Blue Marlin Ibiza is the most expensive VIP club at the beach and has actually set high industry standards. So, in my opinion, if you can afford some cash to burn, you can pay a visit here.

Party destinations

White Beach, Boracay Philippines: Situated in Philippines, the beach is the best secret of Boracay. Legend says that many people who visited the island before it became too commercial, were sworn to secrecy in order to preserve the exclusivity of the place. Impressive bars, festivals and open gatherings are one of the major offering of the beach. Plenty of international DJs, dancers and celebrities flock to the beach on special festivals, in order to participate in the various festivals held at the place.

Gordon Beach, Tel-Aviv: The beach is a resident of Israel and knows only the language of wild. The beach is a host to several wild and raunchy parties. Since Tel-Aviv is one of the most expensive places in the world, many international music festivals are celebrated at the place. Plenty of posh clubs and hotels are architectured at the beach. Locals at the beach are friendly and the place invites only crazy enjoyment which will give you some of the best memories of life. I created a few here, which I painfully regret, but the place is the best guys, make your memories here.

Party destinations….

Kuta Beach, Bali: When the subject of best beach party rises, Bali will always make its debut. Located in Indonesia, Bali is a holy place for eventful parties. Talk to the sunset, relax in the water, have sex on the beach, enjoy the neon parties in crazy clubs, Bali is the party place for you. I would suggest make a mistake here!

Zrce Beach, Novalja: Located in now commercialized Croatia, the place is a home for fun and frolic. Zrce or Pebble beach is relatively a more cleaner beach and have limited visitors. Also dubbed as Croatian Ibiza, the beach is a party heaven. The beach which is also a host to now popular Spring Break party invites several international DJs and artists to perform on special parties. Enjoy these Best Party destinations


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