Festivals in Goa

Festivals in Goa has another definition for its name. Festivals in Goa, India prove that the place is more than just chilled beer and sandy beaches. Goa tourist in order to stay immersed in the fun and frolic of the place, make sure that they attend these iconic music festivals like Sunburn and Supersonic. Fun never ends in Goa, we mean that it has no expiry date or time. The day sees another form of the fun and the night serves a different kinda fun which is the tangling type of fun. Festivals are like a music dose for hippies and every Goa Tourist who plan their holidays to Goa at any time of the year. So to zone the discussion on to what type of music festivals are there in Goa, India, we here list the festivals that happen in the tropical paradise.

Festivals in Goa

The Grape Escapade: The name itself has Great in it. The Great Escapade is the largest wine festival in India which is conducted every year in January since the year 2005. Many restaurateurs, hoteliers and wineries come here to represent their best choice in wine for demonstration. The festival is great for wine and food lovers as well. Attend this festival if you have a taste for wines.

Goa Food and Music festival: This festival is basically a summertime cultural festival. This festival sees everything, headlining acts by famous bollywood actors, various reputed bands and other entertainers as well. So if you have a thing for the non-classified entertainment then this festival is for you. We recommend that you don’t miss out this festival while you plan your holiday to Goa.

Goa Mango festival: Mango lovers, you have a target now and the best part, the love for mangoes is celebrate in a place like Goa. Can the heavens be so easy on Goa Tourist? We say yes. Mango festival consists of demonstrations, workshops and seminars of all sorts of mangoes cultivated in Goa. The place has everything, we mean everything.

Festivals in Goa ….

Sunburn Goa: The only great way to invite the new year is to be in a festival like Sunburn. Conducted in Vagator beach, the festival is a fireball of music. Many prestigious artists, Djs and other musicians come to Sunburn, Goa. Since it is the most famous festival in whole India, tickets to the festival sale out real quick so make sure when you plan your holidays to Goa around new year, you book Sunburn as well.

Goa Arts and Literary Festival: Yes, it is an amazement that Goa also organizes festivals based on Arts and Literature but then again, it’s Goa,India, surprises are always in store. The festival brings together various poets, literature kings and other scholars to the festivals who demonstrate their skills in front of Goa Tourist.

International Jazz Live festival: A festival that is conducted in winters, Jazz festival brings all the phenomenal Jazz artists together under one roof. Since Jazz is a seductive yet sophisticated dance, the festival is famous amongst Goa Tourist. People from all around the world come together and represent their Jazz skills. Visit the festival if you are Jazz lover, but even if you are not, we would suggest that you should make a stop here while on your Holidays to Goa.

Festivals in Goa

International Film Festival India: The festival is conducted around every November of the year. Many Bollywood directors and artists come together to the festival. Apart from Bollywood directors, international directors are also present at the festival. Multiple events are conducted in the same reference. Visit the festival if you are a bit filmy.

Goa International Latin Festival: Many incredible latina feet dances to the rhythm of latin music and showcase their dancing skills like a real pro. Since, Goa is a place of several immigrants from different countries, the Latin festival experiences lots of audience. Visit the festival for chronic fun.


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