Shopping and night markets in goa

Goa, India is a no judgement chapter in every ones life and the kind of luxury of peace it offers is incredible, iconic and relaxing in every way. Since Goa is about, booze, party, sex with strangers, coffee with the beach, talks with the waves and depression therapy with weed, there is more to the nasty place that has so many secrets hidden inside the sea and that is shopping. Not everyone sees Goa, India as a place for shopping but yes the place is good for shopping junks and not just that, the place has commendable night markets which offers more than just stuff on sale. So if you are planning your holidays to Goa then we have more than the above mentioned reasons for you to come to the notorious place.

Night Markets in Goa:
Saturday Night Bazaar: See, saturdays can be useful other than just booze and smoke in Goa. There is a market in Arpora on every tricky day of the week i.e. Saturday. What can you guys shop? Here’s a list:
Fashion and Apparel
Accessories and Bags
Other than just buying there is food:
Coffee Heaven for coffee and cakes.
Pizza: delicious wood-fired pizzas
Grilled Chicken
Chocolate fountain
Roasted Beef

Mackies: This is a season market in Goa, that is set up on the banks of Baga River. The market opens in November every year and then closes around April, the next year. The day of the market is the all rounder Saturday and there are hundreds of stalls in the market showcasing plenty of handmade stuff and eco-friendly items as well. Line by Line, there are plenty of food stalls which serves all sorts of cuisines, like italian, mexican, western and as always, seafood. The market starts with few Indian stores and then in between there are many live bands playing soothing music further followed by food stalls and stalls selling clothes at the end of the market. So, while you book your flight to Goa, make sure when you land there, Mackie’s is a destination that you have to go for sure, because missing the market will be a foolish thing to do.

Shopping in Goa:
Mapusa Market: The whole flavour of Goa is in this Market. To get a true taste of Goan culture, you can visit the Mapusa Market. Many traders from Goa and other neighboring states come to the market for trading. Goa Tourist, can visit the market to purchase souvenirs, clothes, bags, antiques, handicrafts, homemade spices, pickles, sausages and Goan pottery.

Anjuna Flea Market: Located in the beach town of Anjuna, the flea market is held every Wednesday. The place is thronged by foreigners and Indians all the time. Tons of handicrafts, jewellery, bags, footwear, beachwear and clothes are available in the market. The best way to buy the best is to do bargaining so if you want to try out your bargaining skills then this is the right place. Make this market a sure stop while you are on your holidays to Goa.

Calangute Market Square: The market is lined up with tons of shacks and stalls and is also observed as one of the biggest shopping paradise of Goa. Sarongs, trinkets which are made with sea shells, perfect for souvenirs, and stomach treats like fried prawns and chilled beer are the highlights of the market. Things manipulated out of metals, leather, clay, textiles, carpets and accessories are few of the other offerings of the market.

Arpora night market: Also known as Ingos Saturday Nite Bazaar, the market is the largest entertainment and shopping event of Goa. The market is famous for its mirror image of cultural diversity of Goa. The season of the market is around New Year and is held in between Anjuna and Arpora city. The market runs till April of the next year and is considered as a place of fat crowd as most of the foreigners are in this market. Many international traders come to this market in hopes of generating good business. Many restaurants play trance music and there are lot of dancers who dance their culture in the middle of the market. Our suggestion, never miss out on Arpora night market.

Visit these markets while you are on your holidays to Goa, as the ecstasy of shopping in a place like Goa is amazing.


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