My List of Top 20 Travel Bloggers

bazil patelI have to admit that being able to be one of these Travel Bloggers and  travel on your own terms is a gifted prejudice . The 21st century folks find salvation in expeditions. For travel bloggers like me, this prejudice is full-filled in the form of our careers where we are paid to travel. It’s a pretty sweet gig, isn’t it? However, it’d be inappropriate to say that we hippies lead a super comfortable and boisterous life or that we are do not slog to earn this bounty prejudice. No. The truth is, we wild creatures put in hours of struggle and work into making our dream of adventure, come true, everyday.

I adore travel bloggers, some a bit more than the others. Check out my comprehensive list of top 20 travel blogs from around the world. This list is compiled from two perspectives; a reader, and a full-time traveler. Hence, it has something covered for everybody. Read on this list of top 20 travel bloggers from around the world.

Meraviglia Paper
Why I love it: The narratives and poetic words used in this blog are top reasons to place it on the first position of this list. From the places they cover to the style of writing and photographs, everything about this blog is soulful and looks pious to me. The intimate connection that I feel with the places reading them is magic.

Lost With Purpose
Why I love it: As a travel enthusiast, learning about off-the-beaten-track countries and destinations is the second greatest happiness to my heart, after visiting them at first place. Lost With Purpose is an exciting cross-cultural blog where Alex and Sebastiaan are traveling to inspire millions of people like me to go out there and see it! Most articles on this blog states facts as they are even if they lack the “luster” of blog writing.

This Is The Place I Was Telling You About
Why I love it: First things first, I think the blog’s name is too cute to not check it out. And fortunately for me, it did not disappoint me at all. Two things I’d browse this blog again and again for: Hyper-focus pictures, a lot of them! And vivid personal narratives. Period. Whaa? Wait. The film section of this blog too is a huge hit for me.

Landcruising Adventures
Why I love it: If you are a road-tripping fan like me, you are going to drool on this blog. The informative style of writing is what shall keep me glued to this blog till the end of time.

Culinary Backstreets
Why I love it: 9 out of 10 travelers love the idea of getting to eat vast variety of food while traveling. The 10th person must be a unicorn. If you’re looking for a local guide to local food, Culinary Backstreet is a must check. Not only do they cover exotic restaurants but they know the DNA of street foods of destinations the world over. You got to dig in for fingerlickin’ cool addresses.

Petite Passport
Why I love it: Well, I discovered Petite Passport on Instagram long back and jumped on the blog today. The design aesthetics of Pauline Egge’s blog are lovely. Her eye to detail and straightforward topics are suits my taste as a reader.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Why I love it: When it comes to booking hotels, no other blog on the web can beat it. The customized and incredible experience that these guys offer is unmatchable. One day when I am able to book luxury and bouquet hotels for myself while I am spring breakin’, Mr. and Mrs. Smith will be my go-to blog.

Why I love it: Another one for the love of food updates. As the introductory page of website says, If you would travel halfway across the world just to eat something delicious, you’re in the right place. Checking into this blog has definitely made me feel luckier. A little more research on this blog has also made me aware that this site receives a very good amount of traffic.

Bucket List Journey
Why I love it: God will attest to this statement that I am a fan of Anette White. My expedition of exploring and writing about travel has started with her blog with a few others. Anette puts her words in a way that it will make you get a facelift and just GO travel. I connect with her on every level as she goes on to complete her ‘bucket list’ journey.

Will Fly For Food
Why I love it: So, this is probably the third food blog on my list. Pardon me if I am being too biased. Can’t help it though. I cannot wait to try authentic Japanase food after devouring in their scrumptious write-ups.

Scandinavian Standard
Why I love it: When it comes to offering go-to quick and interesting features on Scandinavian places, nobody covers it better than the people behind Scandinavian Standard. What I love the most about this blog is their extremely original and meaningful topics. They go beyond the places to explore, restaurants to try out or hangouts in the city. I feel they cover Scandinavia at the heart of it. Scandinavian countries are known for their design innovations and this blog makes it a point to give the readers a touch of it with information on new innovations and awesome local designers.
Heck, if I ever travel to any Scandinavian country, the calendar section of this blog will be my life savior.

To Europe And Beyond
Why I love it: Marie-Eve’s blog is a pretty popular one. She covers everything from history, culture, food to destinations. She has been blogging for more than 8 years now and her blog has a really good Alexa ranking.

Cheapest Destinations Blog
Why I love it: I like this blog primarily for the niche that it focuses on, i.e., cheap destinations. It is a great resource for people like me who always remain on a shoestring budget. I honestly feel the blog’s design could be a tad better but I’d still give it a thumbs up for the content. College students should definitely check out this blog.

Just One Way Ticket
Why I love it: The blogger has recently started posting her travel videos also along with the writing and they are awesome. The blogger wittingly covers all the important information including rates of hotels in a chit-chatty way which makes her blog one of the most light-reads.

Be My Travel Muse
Why I love it: The blog’s template is itself a treat to the eyes. A former investment banker is on her journey to awaken the wanderlust among people. Her niche ‘solo travel’ comes with a high price of high competition but she’s slaying it with her exemplary writing.

Goats On The Road
Why I love it: For one reason, the name is funny. Second, the bloggers encourage their readers to start travel blogging and share tips on the same. So, if somebody is waiting for the right resource to get started on the wanderlust journey, he can begin here.

Why I love it: The blog’s name is not another fancy name but the content truly resonates with its name. This blog has awesome traveling hacks from coupon codes to how do to get from an A to B destination cheaply.

Where’s Sharon?
Why I love it: I love the way this blog is focused on a unique niche, i.e., ‘how to travel with kids cheaper’. Apart from a lot of useful guides on places, this blog is the right place for parents who are planning to travel with kids. Don’t fret yourself with the baggage of kids’ luggage, check out this blog to arm you with all the information beforehand.

Map Happy
Why I love it: This blog is a favorite for its unusual topics like ‘Where to credit finds the best frequent flyer program for flights’ or ‘How does TransferWise stack up for international money transfers?’, the topics are curated for a tech-savvy traveler and also for any traveler who wants to remain on the safe side of technology.

The Shooting Star
Why I love it: I think Shivya Nath is an incredible Indian blogger. She covers off-the-beaten destinations in Indian and around the globe. Best thing about her is, she enunciates her experiences to inspire. So if you are looking less for information but more of encouragement, Shivya will not disappoint you.
There are many more blogs that I find impressive but these take a tight spot for top 20.


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