My Rendevouz With the Craziest Solo Travelers Around the World

Craziest Solo Travelers Around the World

It is said that “when the mirrors of your house are not enough to reflect the universe within you, pick up a bag and travel to unveil those hidden mirages of yourself and of the world”. Travel is one of the most liberating and challenging experiences that springs to you a present of light and furnish within you an understanding of the unseen, untouched and unfelt and there are some special ones around us who take this plunge to embark on this prodigy of a journey that prepares them for undiscovered horizons, wierdest of encounters, the vastness around them and the fear of finally meeting themselves to eventually return one day with a legendary chronicle to share with the world. Also being a wanderer myself, I find myself meeting different characters along the road, gathering unique stories from my journey and be constantly inspired from fellow travelers along the way and as humans we are always fascinated by the travelers who not only travel across the globe but the ones who go beyond the conventional ideas of traveling and partake in the crazy, wild and inspiring adventures. These travel lessons are the ones that truly prepare you for what they call life and start your journey with these solo travelers!

So here is me featuring a few of my favourite solo travelers around the world who not only inspire me, but also convince me to indulge and surprise myself in the craziest of adventures around the globe.

I like how solo travelers incorporate a significant part of their personalities to create unique experiences like Rachel Jones, host of the very famous travel blog ‘Hippie in Heels’, where she adds her own quirk, her glamour, her style and most importantly her unique adventures with Indian dreams in her yes, she is either making a home in Goa, or skinny dipping in Venice and getting caught or packing for Finland in winter. She is the kind of a traveler that leaves on you an imprint of her stories giving you a different perspective on your homeland. Some travel dreams are born on foot while some on a tractor, featuring one of the most inspiring Manon Ossevoort who learnt to still hear the whispers of the child within her only to embark on a journey for 9 years over 38,000 Kms from Netherlands all the way to South Pole on a tractor and now that’s something that knocks you out of your sleep and makes you want to pack your bags and let your childhood guide its way to your enchanted travel dreams.

While some let childhood fantasies lead them, some embrace being children again and live an inquisitorial journey which either gets them lost in a Jungle, or makes them fall into an ocean, have grenades fall around them and those are the times when you realize the true essence of being a wanderer, a spirit a mirror for the world to live their dreams through you and that reminds me of no other than the audacious globe trotter ‘Nomadic Matt’, a very popular travel blogger, the New york best selling author of How to travel the world on $50 a day? who inspires you to not only have each of these crazy adventures off the road but also leads a community, a media school and is an inspiration for 16 million travellers who learnt from his learnings to save money on travel and this travel inspiration gives out many other travel tips to go on many such exotic escapades.

While some Solo Travelers get lost in a jungle, one of them dreamers ‘Tim Cope’, an australian adventurer of the year 2006 lives an oddyssey for three and a half years from Mongolia to Hungary by a horse on the trail of Genghis Khan and lives in the spirit of nomads and their traditional homes, his travel insights transforms itself into beautiful pieces of art films, college classes and books. This is where you know how passion lies in the hearts of these travelers to transform from these uniquely crazy expriences and hone the ability to use these learnings to transform the world around them, inspire them and inculcate a sense of new age freedom and learning.

Travel is not only an essence for the spirit, but also a new way of life where nature is the only guide, the only teacher and where you as a student learn from the surrounding cultures, food , people , traditions and weather and who better than a spunky Indian solo girl traveler Shivya Nath, the one who left her media job and her homely comforts to follow her dreams of travel and wander around the world. She is a very famous host of a blog ‘The shooting star’ where she leads a life of nomadic movings either in the houses of Mayan families in Gautamela or learning island legends from Seychelles or simply rediscovering India. There are a lot of people who inspire us but very few who mold us to actully leave everything we ever have and surrender to the nomadic spirit of travel and Shivya Nath does that beautifully blooming people into new age travelers.

While some instill magic in their travel journeys some travelers are all about living in the deep oceans of adventure and live one day at a time like the very renowned Matthew Kartsen, the gallant blogger of ‘Expert Vagabond’, an adventure travel blogger and a photographer travelling the world for over 6 years now indulging in the liveliest but most thrilling realms of the planet. You could find him either swimming with whale sharks in Mexico or walking Afghanistan’s wakhan corridors, he is the one who jumps out of airplanes in Fiji or camping on an erupting volcano. I like how some travel journeys are not just a mirror of what we as humans can achieve but about ordinary human beings living an extraordinary life of travel and surrender.

Although some travelers walked on foot from one contintent to another for years, and some lived in the jungles and tie their left foot to a tree to not get flown into the river, some cllimbed the highest mountains in the world, some hitchhiked around the world to never come back home. I love how most of these stories have one thing in common, the undying love and passion for the unknown, what emerges with the journey is a traveler who now faces the unknown roads for he has already faced himself.

I am sure you’re already packing your bags after reading these memoirs of classic travel and adventure.

See you on the roads, fellas!


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