Why you shouldn’t fall in love as a traveler

I don’t believe in love being traveler, if you ask and if you don’t then this is an information. Why am I writing this; then this for my beloved friends to know that if you love as a traveler, then my friend you just volunteered for something you did not knew was in the menu.

Ok so, no riddles only straight ends, love is travelling and when the other seductive synonym of love comes while you are travelling i.e. again love, then that’s not love, that’s distraction, or a fling, or a ploy to set you up back in the monotonous time zone you kept running away from all these years.

According to me, travelers are not meant to love, they are meant to seize the moment in their mental memory and tend to fall in love with only one thing which is freedom, freedom of connecting to the ethnic vibes of nature, secure the pleasure of meeting strangers, opportunity to learn something new in life and above all getting a chance to restart life whenever they want. That’s what travelling is meant and that’s the job description of a traveler in my opinion.

Why I vote it this way, read on!
Travelling is being kind to yourself: Man is a machine of god, which is bound to make mistakes and bound to get up every time he falls. Nature on the other hand is a playground set up by God to make any individual realize that love is achieved in knowing the different dimensions of nature and connecting to the authenticity of it.

Many people forget that love is only meant to happen with people but that’s an assumption, love is a four letter fabric which has a huge meaning to itself. Speaking from a broader perspective, love is found in kindness, learning, connecting with nature, and above all finding yourself or your place in the bosom of nature.

Travelers are free spirit and love doesn’t allow it: Not that love is toxic but yes when a traveler falls into the pit of it, the meaning comes out to be the same. Travelers are freaks of their own nature and they tend to follow their mood all the time and find their true strength in achieving it which on the other hand, love doesn’t allow. Love binds a person, compulsions strain the freedom achieved while traveling, hurt peace of ownself since you have to share that with another person.

In short, love stops a traveler from flowing into the spontaneity he/she is gifted with. A random visit to a stranger’s gathering around the bonfire in a hotel or a guest house would be limited, a beer with a person sitting next to you who appears to be charming would when in “love” appear a bad idea, and above all, the decision making power which every traveler has would be shared. So the constant sharing of every part of you, which you in the first place got riddance from will be back.

Distraction from your true aim: Travelers are people who are in a fit of finding life or we can say, finding the true meaning of life but when the antique word “love” comes into a traveler’s life, the meaning rolls out to be only one thing which is finding disappointment at the end of the tunnel.
Because let’s face it, you are going to travel a lot, switch places and long distance relationships are more of a burden than a pleasure. So love for a traveler is more painful, pointless and overrated. Love yourself and enjoy the treat of nature.


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