Bazil PatelAll of us have secret desires and passions, don’t we? Some like to eat exotic dishes, some like to be creative in any form like learning a new art form or a dance form, but do you know what is my secret passion, its exploring the unknown, going where no one has gone, telling people about the things and places they don’t even know exist. So, the first step towards chasing my passion is going somewhere totally isolated and secretive and what better place to start than with the sign of purity… water! Well, in today’s writeup we are going to talk about the Secret Islands of the World which are still secluded and unknown to the people.

Let’s start from the land of the rising sun, Yes, you got it right its Japan. The beautiful Yaeyama Islands are tucked away from the hustle bustle at the southern tip in the Japanese archipelago and are near the Tropic of Cancer. It basically consists of the Ishigaki and Iriomote and the Taketomi islands. Reminding of the Caribbean, the Yaeyama islands offer the best of sun, sand and beaches along with the best place for Snorkelling and Diving in Japan. One can explore the beautiful mangrove swamps and the hot springs and enjoy the variety this laid-back island has to offer.


With the number of tourists visiting this island being not more than 7000 people annually, the Isle au Haut island at Maine is the idle place to enjoy some silence and solitude. Even during the peak months of July and August when the country is jam packed with tourists, this island which is located around 17 miles away from the mainland is secluded and untouched. One can enjoy a small overnight camp life or just wander in the day seeing the famous ‘The Keeper’s House Inn, a working lighthouse and enjoying eating lobsters and doing hiking and exploring.

How does an island with no shops, no restaurants and no bars sound? Eerie?? Well, not exactly if you come and visit the small yet gorgeous Apulit Island in Philippines. With no contact with the outside world, the faithful partners being the limestone cliffs and the crystal clear blue waters, Apulit island is largely inhabited. The famous beach of the island is the El Nido Beach where tourists can swim, get tanned, do rappelling, snorkelling and sea kayaking. Don’t miss the trip to the coral reefs and the ruins of a ship wreck.


Experience a totally primitive life at the island of Glover’s Atoll, a small island around 70 kms from mainland Belize. Touted as a world heritage Site with the 2nd largest reef in the world, this secret island has no roads, electricity and you feel like a man from stone age experiencing life in its natural form. One thing that should not be missed out are the sea creatures which can be observed very closely as they do not fear human existence.

This secret island is a perfect example of hell turned into heaven. Can Dao in Vietnam was a former prison with the most notorious criminals being stationed here. But now this place is a thriving natural wonderland of dense jungles, white sand beaches and jade coloured waters. This archipelago of 15 islands have the best of granite cliffs with deserted beached and beautiful coral reefs. Con Dao is still undiscovered and away from the harsh city life and still waiting to be explored.
Imagine an island on top of an extinct volcano… sounds weird … right… well not if you are visiting Ulleungdo in South Korea. Located 135 kms east of the Korean Peninsula midway between Korea and japan, this secluded volcanic island has no pollution, no thieves and no snakes and is now basically thrives on fishing and little bit of tourism. The best feature about this place is that since it has steep cliffs it offers gorgeous scenery views of Korea making them more spectacular during the rainy season. To reach this place, one can take a ferry from the mainland and then walk on the hiking trail to reach to the top.
Think the Caribbean and the first visual you get is people dancing wearing leaves and garlands. But think Panama and you think of the Panama Canal. But apart from having the Panama Canal, this region also has some beautiful and extraordinary coral cays in the form of 365 secluded islands that form the San Blas Archipelago and which is managed by the Kuna province as an autonomous province. Here you can unwind yourself near the clear waters and pure sands. The best part is that since the only place to stay are the home stays in the villages and the food is whatever is made at home, you would never miss your homely life amidst a vacation.
Incredible India has something to offer for everyone and this time it also has an exotic and secret island which not many know. The St. Mary’s island is one such island situated in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Malpe which is a small seaside town in South India. The island is so deserted and secluded that it takes a good 30 min by boat to reach here. Once here, you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this oasis and just sit in solitude among the white sands and feel the breeze on your face.

The world is a beautiful place to live in and with its so many undiscovered marvels and natural treasures it’s something to be explored and told to the world. So, if you have the money and time, don’t waste it and just pack your bags and indulge in travelling and knowing the unknown.


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