10 best places to party in goa

So before you get lost and confused as to where exactly  you should party in Goa I will guide you with some of the best places to party in Goa!


A perfect place for a party, perfect place to go hippily-happily-boo, a place for the best beer, a place for the best crowd, a place for best beaches in India, a perfect place for a peek into the foreign culture, Goa is a place of worship for youth. Goa- A Perfect Place; having a bigger abbreviation than its original name, Goa is a place where we can actually breathe freedom. Goa never sleeps and that’s true, the history says that, the people who live there says that, and we also would admit to that. After the sun goes down, Goa exhibits a different color of partying as it has a different anatomy of it. The people are warm or we can say they are stress free and feel more alive which makes partying a worthy distraction in Goa. Since the royalty of Goa is partying, we here list 20 best places in Goa for party.

Party in Goa

The Curlie’s beach shack: Drink, Eat, Sing and Dance – Sea facing
October to March, one of the highlighted months of the year, experiences a wide class of visitors to the beaches of Goa, especially the shacks as it gives a peek into the country scenery, but with an add on advantage of a beach. The simplicity of delicious cocktails, the edgy taste of snacks, and the lovely support of bright lights just liven up the beach shacks. One of the best beach shacks of Goa is the Curlie’s Goa as it offers the true eccentricity of nightlife in the smallest part of India i.e. Goa.

SinQ Beach Club: Located in Candolim, the place attracts all the elites to itself. The place is a host of exquisite Beach Resort, Party Resort and the Beach club. Owing to their names, the Beach Resort is a luxurious hotel, the Beach club is an outdoor lounge and bar (all thanks to the owner) and finally the Party Resort which is one of a kind, offers multiple party rooms signifying party in custom style. Music is always playing through the hands of amazing DJs, further enlightening the motive of the club i.e. only party.

LPK Waterfront: Also located in Candolim, the place follows the motto of Love, Peace and Karma which is as its setup theme. The place is counted amongst the most unique places of Goa and people are welcome to dance their night out in the integrated setup like the sea-waters or an Indo-Portuguese church as it’s background. Travel lovers who are in hunt of distinguished atmosphere can include LPK waterfront in their list of preferred Hotels in Goa.

Club Tito’s: A Club and a disco, the immigration of fun in Tito is unsurpassed. Tagged as the safest and one of the oldest clubs in North Goa, Tito is a must visit for any Goa tourist. One of the best ethics of the club is that it is open only for women or couples, solo men face a straight NO Entry in this mighty club which is why we can say, it is counted amongst the party places of Goa, India.

Cape Town Café: Situated at Saunta Vaddo, the Cafe has a mellow ambience which smoothly lures the customers in for a stay for long hours. The best part, their is a restro bar adjacent to the street which always experiences a swarm of people flooding the place. The atmosphere is very relaxing and motivates peace inside any person. The alcohol, the ambience, the people, the beach and the snacks just fulfil the desire of peace and serenity of any Goa Tourist.

AZ.U.R. – Goa Marriott Resort: Marriott means premium luxury and A.Z.U.R is an in house pub owned by Goa Marriott in the Capital. Saturdays and Sundays are typical days of party and hence the crowd in A.Z.U.R at these specific days yells only enjoyment. The chief indulgence of this place is, consistent visits by various Jazz artists from around the world. The Jazz Junction which happens to be the favorite of Goa, also have come here a plenty of times further making this place a favorite of all.

Cock’s Town: The name is funny and creative, yeah, but the fun this place offers is mighty. The famed beach shack is famous for its ultimate techno party and the hut gives a peace shelter like feels to the tourists. The place offers peace and one can enjoy a good read, complimented by good music and sociable crowd.

Club Cubana: Located in Arpora Hills, Club Cubana is a place where party is preached. The hilltop venue, the exotic ambience, the isolated indulgence of elite crowd, and the mercy of alcohol, makes Club Cabana the Asia’s No 1 nightclub. Though the charges are premium, but the place is a promise of exotic fun and many couples flock especially to Goa to hangout at Club Cabana. Make Club Cabana a shore shot destination when you plan your holidays to Goa.

Hill Top: Located on a hill in Vagator, Hill Top is the place for best psy-trance or psychedelic trance parties. Although the place is quiet during the day but the nightlife of Hill Top is just as alive and kicking. Friday techno parties is one of the most notified events of Hill Top. In short, the place is a must visit for its eccentric music and environment.

UV Bar: The holy place for party in Goa, UV Bar is the most amazing bar of Goa. UV is significantly known for its music festivals and stunning trance music. Monsoons is the best time for visiting the bar. Visit the place for its exquisite music offering and team it with amazing cocktails.

Considering that there are plenty of places to hawk around in Goa, one reason remains constant for its visit and that is to find peace and serenity in the magical place.I hope you enjoyed my list and some day we will together Party in Goa


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