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The Philippines is strategically located and blessed with the greatest resource: its people, who are hard-working, very loyal, and very adaptive. Benigno Aquino III

So, if I ask you a question, answer it to yourself with all your honesty… is that a promise? Ok so let me ask you… What makes you happy? For some, it might be just being a couch potato and seeing re runs and reruns, for some it might be eating … but since I believe that life is God’s gift and you only get one life to live, so one should just go and experience things to the fullest, try new things at any given opportunity and just feel free to live it.
As you all know my passion is travelling and as much as I am fond of the hilly mountains, so am I obsessed with the sands and the waves… well, I think you must have guessed it that today I am going to tell you about a place which is becoming a tourist attraction slowly and steadily… Yes, Its Philippines.
Philippians is a group of around 7000 islands located at the very eastern part of Asia and still inhabited by the very friendly locals and some endangered tribes. Not only this, it’s now becoming a world-famous tourist destination, thanks to its beautiful pristine and clear beaches, the scenic tourist spots and also the natural wonders which add an interesting historical touch to the area. Philippine people also known as Filipinos are proud of their country and also some of the outstanding sacrifices made by their heroes. So, today let’s see some of the most important historical and cultural places of Philippines.
The Barasoain Church is the most important religious building of Philippines which is also known as the ‘Cradle of Democracy’ in the East. Founded in 1859 by Augustinian Missionaries, this church served as the session hall for the 1st Congress of Philippines the Malolos Congress in 1898. The church has seen major historical events like the Constitution drafting to the inauguration of the Philippine republic. The church attracts a lot of tourists thanks to its beautiful curved façade with rose windows and bell tower. The interiors with its floral motifs and angelic paintings adorn the ceiling of the church which is photographer’s delight.
If a place you visit has a volcano, then that place becomes a must visit site. The Mayon Volcano is the most active volcano in the Philippines as it has erupted more than 49 times in more than 400 years. Standing at a height of around 8000 feet (2400 m) above sea level, Mayon Volcano is famous for its perfectly symmetrical cone shape. One of the important cultural places to visit, this area is famous for camping, hiking, bird watching and photography. The best spot to admire the Mayon Volcano are the Cagsawa ruins.
One of the most underrated places in Philippines, Lake Sebu is a must visit place thanks to the beautiful and striking waterfalls and pristine clear blue lakes. Lake Sebu is a lush green destination with blooming tourism. When you visit this picturesque place, you would get a taste of its culture basically due to the Ubo and T’boli tribes residing here. It also offers activities which give you that adrenaline rush and has the best and thrilling zip ride in Philippines which would leave you wanting for more.
One of the most important historical places of Philippines is the Corregidor, also known as ‘The Rock’. It has a long story to tell as it became the headquarters of the Allied Forces when the Japanese invaded Philippines. One can see history written on the walls through damaged structures, buildings and the tunnels. The visit to this former battle ground is a must for people who love peace and value freedom.

Visit the northern coast of Philippines to the island of Palawa and do see the Puerto Princesa which is a treat for nature lovers. Still untouched by human interaction, this is the home to wildlife and flora and fauna. The best part about this place is the still unexplored underground river known as the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. This natural wonder is the world’s longest navigable underground river which is protected by a National park and can be toured through the Paddle boats going via the rock formations and fluttering bats.
Located in the famous tourist destination of Philippines Intramuros Fort Santiago is a historical structure that is a part of the city’s famous wall. What attracts the tourists here is that there is a museum here which has the replica of Dr Jose Rizal’s prison cell before he was executed. The area also has beautiful parks along with imitation of old dungeons where prisoners were confined. A walk down this area will make you re live the horrible life of the prisoners during that era.

Philippines as a country has so much to offer that it cannot be clubbed at one place. Being a major historical and cultural tourist destinations of the world, it cannot be seen at one go and one has to come here multiple times to see what this beautiful yet unexplored country has to offer.


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