Top 10 Travel Tips for Goa

So before i give you some Travel Tips for Goa I  would like to share some key Facts!

Goa, a designated paradise in India. The culture here is only peace and the only occupation that people has is partying. The city never sleeps and invites only serenity and relaxation. The hottest destination in India for beach parties is subjected to judgement s in plenty of ways but still, Goa is different to every person. For few it is just a mode to enjoy the good noise of diversified music, for some it is only peace found in infinite smoke of weed and marijuana, for some it is only amazing seafood, and for some it is the soft music of waves that touches the feet in nights of low tides. Goa has given a lot to many people, of course tagging it as a place for family trip would be somewhere inappropriate but yes, Goa is a kingdom of exceptional charm. So if you are planning out your holidays to Goa, then we here list top 10 travel tips for Goa:

Do not bling yourself too much and carry limited amount of jewelry. Although you might wanna carry plenty of beach wear.

No excess cash. Goa is a place of immigrants and there are lot of multi-cultural people, you cannot rely on just face value of anyone be it Indian or foreigner. Carry cards, but load off notes from your pocket. Enjoy the tropical freshness.

Stay hydrated. Since Goa has a sea as its neighbor, keeping yourself hydrated with water, lime juice or chilled beer is a good choice.

Limit feni or any other household brewed alcohol as they are potent. Yes, they are smooth but still, why take chances.

Listen to the lifeguards not because they are hot, but because they are always right. They know the goan weather and they are right when they warn. So listen to them apart from staring.

Hire a guide or get yourself a map. Google is always a friend. We suggest, navigate through your phone but also keep asking nearby people.

Sea food is amazing, we agree but if you have some dieting limits then we suggest you check the ingredients first and then porder. No one wants to get sick in an awesome weather.

Book the cheap hotels to Goa only. Check with Google and you might get some cheap hotel deal with flights to Goa.

Carry a sunscreen always. The weather is always good but the sun is always moody so refrain from getting excessive tan.

Keep shades, hat or caps handy. Just a reminder as sun is brutal in Goa, India.

Visit at the time of amazing musical festivals like Sunburn or Supersonic. New year’s eve is amazing by default.

Whenever you plan your holidays to Goa, then remember out quick top 10 travel tips for goa and then you can definitely thank us later.


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