Bali a dream of every traveler

Bali , a “real” traveller’s dream, known mainly for its islands, friendly culture, vibe and above all the weather, has intrigued many around the world. The world Bali actually connotes the image of a typical tropical paradise and continues to magnet travel lovers or bloggers from all across the world. The green hills, the rustic villages, the rice paddies, and the gorgeous white sand beaches, has made Bali the “it” place of finding peace and freedom for anyone.

Why is it “the ultimate travel destination”?
Unlike other beach places in the world, Bali has a significant vibe which only offers a relaxed laid back stress-free place. Bali is perfect for finding an escape from the humdrum of daily routine, crashing in the islands and feeling the winds of nature that only speak the language of peace.

Bali People: As it’s said, a place is known by its people, Bali is amongst those places which have very friendly people, starting from drivers to tourists and locals, everyone walks with a peaceful smile on their face further making it an inviting place. They are helpful, they are friendly, they are peaceful and they are genuinely nice, what can one ask for more?

Bali Beaches: Lush green paddy fields coupled with adventure, Bali beaches offer a privilege spend. Famous of all is Ubud, situated along the Ayung River where people can do rafting or enjoy the eccentricity of the river. There are ancient rocks along the river which has certain mythological significance and can also offer some history to know for few. The beach, surrounded by dense forests on both sides of river, is a total recommend.

Sanur is another beach, famous for its decent swim in a high tide, which is particularly the right time for it, speaking specifically. More, Bali is full of beaches which can be crowded in times of holidays but if you know where to go then there are few hidden beaches which can offer peace and relaxation. Gili Islands, now a commercialized place, have the best ambience if compared with others in Bali. Pick up a decent resort and dive in the forests for ethnic adventure and peace.

Bali Culture: Bali is a cultural heaven, there are temples at every corner of the island. Tanah Lot and Uluwatu has the best temples in whole of Bali; make your offerings by taking some incense flowers available at every home and market in Bali.

Bali Food: The Indonesian cuisine will surely not disappoint any foodie from any corner of the world. Since seafood is a speciality of any island, tourists who come here with an ambition of satisfying their appetites will be joyous at the greatest. If you have the luxury of time, then you can take up the famous Paon Bali cooking class.

Work out, relax, sizzle in nightlife, enjoy the company of beautiful beaches, and get mesmerized in the winds of peace in Bali. The place is truly an escape from the daily havocs.


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