Top 7 things to do in Anjuna, Goa

Goa,India has evolved from just a hippie culture and has evolved practically. The government has become more serious about Goa tourism over the past decade. The ratio of immigrants from countries like Europe, Russia, Germany and Asia have increased phenomenally and tourism has seen a new hit in Goa over the past few years. The sunshine, the peace of sea and the crazy music in Goa zones out any sort of depression and stress in any person. People never sleep here, they actually live their life in a new format. They live in cheap hotels of Goa and experience the true meaning of life from the underground, courtesy the holy drugs like marijuana and weed. Anjuna Beach which offers a cosmopolitan sort of peace, is one of the finest beaches of Goa and if you guys are planning your holidays to Goa, we, as helpers list out top 10 things to do in Anjuna Beach, Goa.

Hit the best bar of Anjuna, Curlies: Curlies is basically a beach shack and the most urbane bar of Goa. It is a sophisticated night spot where Thursday and Saturday nights are big nights. A dance floor to test your dancing skills is also present. So march out in any flight to Goa and rhythm in the aroma of crazy music especially at Curlies.

Don’t miss the Anjuna Flea Market: Flea markets are always a bliss. Cheap and bizarre stuff can be bought which can offer right amounts of knick and knack. The Flea market, set up on Wednesdays, will offer an experience that is phenomena in every way.

Visit to Purple Martini is a must: This swanky bar created with a color theme of blue and white offers a resonance of perfect fun and sundowner cocktail (special) along with kebabs will give all the feels. A transport to santorini is our guarantee.

Try the Whole bean Tofu: Everything in Goa is not about alcohol, drugs and food, Goa takes care of your appetite as well. Whole Bean Tofu is a cafe that prepares only tasty tofu (prepare from variety of beans) which promises great health if taken in right amounts.

Complete yes to Dhum Biryani and Kebabs: Who doesn’t love kebabs and biryani? Local shops at Anjuna offers yumm biryani and kebabs that offers an exclusive taste. You cannot correlate any biryani with the biryani these local cooks prepare at Anjuna beach. You can thank us later for this tip.

Visit to Shiva Valley: Shiva valley is located at the southern tip of Anjuna Beach. To be clear, Shiva Valley was a shack earlier but now turned into a complete club where Tuesday nights are considered as to be the main nights.

Breakfast in German Factory: Occasional live music, garden lights accompanied with a healthy breakfast prepared with only organic food, German Bakery takes care of the hangover really well. Visit the bakery to have a complete breakfast and party till the end of night.

Since there are plenty of things to do in Anjuna while you are planning your holidays to Goa, keep pace with our tips and you shall enjoy Anjuna the criminally good way.


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