15 Best beaches in Goa

An escape into the pilgrimage of beaches is nothing less than sitting in heaven. Goa has a very significant culture which sucks out parasitic tensions and gets the best out of an individual further making him realize that there is a space for things that are not possible in a monotonous daily routine. Cause, everyone carries a baggage of responsibilities and which is why, having a break is important and what could be a perfect destination other than Goa which has the capability to dissect through the problems and surface the happy hormones in full bloom of a person. So glad to help as always, we here list top 15 beaches in Goa which you guys can include in your holidays to goa.

Butterfly Beach: Well, butterflies are not here in abundance but number of privacy spots are. Butterfly beach is a stretch of u explored sand which is unexplored by millions and hence privacy can be found here as a gift from nature. You can get to the beach through a beach from Palolem and Angoda beach.


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Kakolem Beach: Also known as the tiger beach, Kakoleum has capability to make a person drown in immense peace. The place is little known by Goa Tourist and the sand here is deserted and clean, just like peace offering. By road the beach access is a bit difficult but the best way is to reach by renting a boat.

Hollant Beach: A long stretch of shallow water and a lovely bay is perfect for people who have some qualms with swimming. The view of the beach is amazing and lots of boats are lined up the coastline by fishermen.

Betul Beach: The beach is around 18 kilometers from Margao and looks like a wide expanse of compact sand. To be exact, the view of the beach appears like a traditional coastal fishing villages. The beach houses a small lagoon and has a 17th century built fort as its neighbour.

Arambol Beach: Arambol is a quiet and peaceful beach and houses plenty of hippies in its humble abode. A sweet salt lake is the main treat of Arambol. A beach party at night, with bonfire and barbeque, along with chilled beer in Goan weather is just mesmerizing.

Agonda Beach: Agonda beach offers a bit dramatic scenery, with rocky crag on the southern tip and a transparent blue sky, the view is splendid. The beach is located around 37 kilometers from Margao.

Cola Beach: Cola beach is very difficult to locate however it is around 5 minutes from Agonda beach but tourists have to play puzzle with nature as they have to look out for signs of huge coconut trees and a beautiful lagoon which is the hint to this hidden treasure of Goa.

Velsao Beach: Velsao Beach is located in the southern part of Goa and is famous for its silvery sand. The beach is again left unexplored and not many residents apart from some immigrant birds live here.

Sinquerim Beach: A stretch of alluring white sand, the beach stands close to Fort Aguada. This beach offers the best view of Arabian Sea. However there are many luxury resorts here but the best stay is near the sea. Tourists can hunt out for best hotels in Goa in order to book a stay in this beach.

Siridao Beach: The beach is a house of scattered rocks standing tall in between precious sand. The beach is famous for its oyster shells which are left behind by the low tides.

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Be b**ches or beaches in goa You will find just too many!

Galjibag Beach: This beach is a particular hatching and nesting site for the famous olive ridley turtle. Delicious seafood and amazing aura of peace is the main score of this beach.

Mandrem Beach: Dolphins, white-bellied fish eagles and olive ridley turtles are few of the member of animal kingdom who find their home at this beach. White sand and crystal clear water of the seas provide more than just peace here.

Calangute Beach: The beach is famous for its water sports, restaurants and fast food. Many tourists flock here at night as the night life in pubs and bars of this beach is pretty famous.

This is our count of best 15 beaches of Goa, but if you have any other name in mind then do write us.


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