Arambol: 10 places to Visit

Arambol, a beach which caters to your spiritual wholeness and treats it with peace and serenity. Situated in North Goa, Arambol is a place which touches the tranquil vein of the system and eases away all the tensions and unwanted stress. The place is undiscovered by people who wish for a peace vacation outside India but to people who have an eye of exploring the unexplored, Arambol is a heaven. The white sand which is broken by rocks creates a splendid and peaceful view for nature lovers. So, if anyone is planning their holidays to Goa, then we would suggest to keep Arambol on top of the list and to ease their hard work, we list here top 10 things to do in Arambol.

Visit Sweet Lake Beach: Located on the left side of Arambol beach, sweet lake is like a cherry in between the salt water. The location is exotic and offers peace but tourists have to travel some 1000 steps by foot (15 min walk from Arambol) in order to reach out to the place, but the view will be worth it. The place is also famous for its multani mitti (girls have a score now), and the water there holds importance as well.

Kalacha Beach: A sweet water lagoon surrounded by a rocky terrain, Kalacha Beach is exactly located at the south of Querim Beach. The discovery of the beach was done by hippies in the year 1960s and is surely a classic find. Visit the beach for its steep cliffs and its exquisite scenic beauty. Since the beach is not that highly visited by Goa Tourist, you can step into the beach as it is clean and not heavily populated further giving couples a place to sneak in and take the advantage of romantic aura.

Paliem Beach: This beach will not allow you to feel lonely at all. The beach is actually south of Arambol beach and is not accessible by road at all. The walk can be challenging but for hippies the place is an experience while for other tourist who likes it easy, we would suggest that they should test their adventure spirit for some time as this place is a classic. Giving you more reasons to visit the place, mud and hot water sulphurous springs are an add on luxury. Beach shacks are also there who can satisfy your taste buds midst the Goa weather and stunning environment. However, there is no perfect accommodation available in Paliem Beach but tourists can prefer hotels in Goa instead.

Bhumika Temple: A temple in Goa, is a rare find, Bhumika temple is half a kilometer away from Arambol and comes in the way of Querim. The temple is assumed to be 200 years old and thousands of devotees come to the temple to gain blessings of Bhumika Devi. The temple has been renovated multiple times, after observing that it has slowly become a tourist spot as many tourists flock to the temple to honor Bhumika Devi. Visit the temple for spiritual enlightenment.

Terekhol Fort: Yes, there is a fort in North Goa, although it’s not that of an iconic establishment but yes the fort is a must visit as it gives an insight in the Goa heritage. The fort is now converted into a hotel, so for history lovers, a stay here calls for importance. Terekhol fort is a portuguese marvel and offers a lovely view of the Harlem beach. No booking required, even if you are not staying in the hotel, so the free invitation also speaks for a visit. Terekhol Fort can be included in the planner of cheap holidays to Goa.

Other things to do in Arambol:
Yoga: Nature around and pure air, Yoga becomes a necessity and an order by Mother nature in a place like Arambol. If you are looking for a trainer, then The Himalayan Yoga Centre runs a five day course for yoga enthusiasts for just 1800 rupees.

Shopping and Food: Treat your stomach with great italian and Loeki food and then after the stomach warm up, get in the market for junks, jewellery and handicrafts.

Dolphin Hunting: Arambol is a great place in Goa to look for dolphin dance. Just watch the innocence of dolphins and rejoice the peace.

Paragliding: Since Arambol is surrounded by rocky cliffs, paragliding is an easy sport. There is a company that offers a paragliding course of 5 days in just 8500 bucks. A smooth deal.

Now there are plenty of things to do in Arambol, we invite your opinions or suggestion in case we missed out anything here. Keep up!


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