Cheapest places to stay in Goa

Goa, India is a magical abode for every brand of person, be it the rich, be it the not-so-rich. The place has a different version for every single person who makes an entry here. Some people plan their holidays to Goa in order to escape the cult of work and the unwelcomed curse of responsibilities, some people just come here to touch the sea, some people come here to dance their breath out, some people are here because they wish to get lost in smoke (that’s us) and some people come here to get drowned in alcohol and have meaningless flings (also us). So since every reason is different, Goa, India has a different answer to give them. Considering that not everyone book their flight to Goa, some come by bus, some by train, and some by road, we here list the cheapest places to stay in Goa, India.

Ezue Bia Guesthouse: The guesthouse has clean rooms and room service is also quick. It is located in Candolim beach. The average cost of stay here is 900 INR per day which excludes water charges. Yeah, that you have to deal with to stay in Goa .

Sand Pebble Holiday Homes: Clean and budget rooms, best suited for families and is recommended by almost all of the travel portals. Normal price range on per day basis is around 700 INR – 2000 INR.

Palolem Guest House: The guesthouse offers all sorts of rooms. Normally the range starts from 300 INR and goes till 2000 INR per night stay. The rooms are clean and the location is also soothing. It is located in Canacona beach in Goa.

Casa Paradiso: Located in the heart of the city i.e. Panjim, the hotel is the ideal for business and leisure travellers. If wish you wish to plan your holidays to Goa in a limited budget with basic amenities fulfilled in sophistication, then this place is for you. Backpackers can stay here for 399 INR for a night and a decent room stay would cost around 2000 INR per night.

Shangrila Beach Hotel Goa: The only luxury budget hotel, located near Majorda Beach. The average rate of per night stay in this hotel is 450 INR, this is subject to increase depending on the quality of rooms. Shangrila has a history with itself so you can trust with the quality of rooms.

Paradise Inn: The hotel offers contemporary deluxe rooms and is an ideal option for budget travellers. Both comfortability and affordability are offered by this hotel to stay in Goa. It is located in Panjim, Goa. The average per night charges of the hotel is 900 INR.

Round Cube Hotel: Located in Palolem beach, the hotel is clean and offers all basic amenities to the level of acceptance and stay in Goa. Booking is easy, you guys can book the room one day prior to the actual stay. The average cost of stay here is 600 INR. Pretty reasonable.

Goan Clove: Not exactly a budget hotel a the cost here goes to 1500 INR per day. But if you can bargain, then you can crack a great deal with this hotel. Rooms are clean and the services are also good for a pleasant stay in Goa.

Planning holidays to Goa is easy as all you have to do is pull out the budget cards right. Follow our blog for more information and updated on the tropical paradise and more places stay in Goa i.e. Goa. Keep up!


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