Goa music culture

Goa, India has a culture of music and the air of the paradise breathes only rhythm of peace. The place has been always in everyone’s dream vacation list. Apart from being only visually appealing, the planet Goa has more than just sunny seaside and beach walk to offer. On top of our minds come, music. Goa has a multifarious music culture, starting from trance music to techno music, Goa, India is a definition of iconic paradise. The home of traditional and electronic music both. Many people from all over the world plan their holidays to Goa specifically at the time of best music festivals in Goa. So debating today about the music culture of Goa we list the highly noticed fashion of music happening in Goa.

Goa Trance Music: Trance music developed in Goa under a strong influence of hippie culture in Goa and hence the name Goa trance. The music is basically a mixture of psy rock and the mid-80s electronic music in Europe. The most popular music tracks of Goa Trance are Astral Projection and Cosmosis tracks. But after a millennium the Psychedelic Trance took over the trance music and the former faded out. Still there are plenty of parties that starts at night and continues till 6 or 7 am in the morning.

Major Goa labels include:
UK – Flying Rhino, Dragonfly, Blue Room Released,, Phantasm, TIP Records, Celtic, Return to the Source and Transient.
Australia – Psy-Harmonics
Japan – Tokyo Tekno Tribe, Matsuri Productions, Phonokol, Trust in Trance.
Germany – High Society, Nephilim, Spirit Zone, Nova TekkIsrael –BNE or Brand New Entertainment.

Psychedelic Trance Music in Goa: Since Goa is a place of immigrants, many of them flock from Europe, Russia, Israel and Germany. In order to enjoy the literature of peace, most of them are immersed in smokes of drugs like Acid, Weed, Marijuana and others. Psychedelic trance is one music that comes out an unconsciously conscious mind and hence many of the artists who play such music are always high. Goa Tourist is always high on trance music.

The music has a long history in Goa. Technically, the music is created by different arrangements of synthetic rhythms and other layered melodies which is created by high tempo riffs. Many clubs and bars in Goa play Psychedelic trance and many parties host such music in order to take the “drugged” state of mind to its correct destination. The music has gained tremendous amount of popularity over the years and Goa is a hub of trance music parties. So if you want to experience the cult of trance music of Goa, then remember to attend the music festivals during your holidays to Goa.

Music Festivals in Goa:
Sunburn Music Festival: The 4-day event music festival is Asia’s biggest music festival and experiences millions of people as its audience. Many artists who are widely renowned for their music come here and make the crowd groove on their electrifying music.

SuperSonic Music Festival: The festival has matched the fame of Sunburn festival over past few years. December is the time where the festival is conducted and people from all walks of life come here.

Monte Musical Festival Goa: The festival plays classical and western music and the blend is brings people to its door. The festival is basically a 4-day event and has a variety of audience.

Future Music Festival Goa: The festival has been ranked as no 1 by Australian annual ranking festival. Several artists from all over the world come here to showcase their talents. The festival has recently gained momentum in India but has enjoyed worldwide fame in the past.

Book your flight to Goa and enjoy the trance of trance music in Goa.


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