Most Beautiful Islands

So wondering which are the Most Beautiful Islands?

“Someone asked me, if I were stranded on a desert island what book would I bring… ‘How to Build a Boat.”- Steven Wright. The world is a place of wilderness patched in form of various islands and I am the one to find them. Answering my loneliness and my hollowness to fill something exciting, let’s say memories in it, I started shortlisting islands during my stay in Dubai. Being a beach boy by nature, I now know that I need to be in the blanket of ocean and kiss of nature, since my expression has become quiet musical owing to my addiction.

So, as I did my research on the Most Beautiful Islands, I found out that having a perfect revenge for monotony and stress, islands are a place of worship by every tourist who wish to debunk the curse of forced schedules. So, for any wandering reader who is looking out for a perfect escape, like me, I here list the Most Beautiful Islands in the world, and then you can pack your suitcase accordingly. Keep reading! Uh uh, don’t forget to thank me later.

St. Lucia: The island is known for its interesting geography and golden beaches. More, the island has two volcanic mountains which rises around 700 ms from the surface further creating a stunning scenery capable of leaving a strong impression on the memory. The island also is a home to several hot springs which have healing capabilities. Speaking about expense chart, the island stay is not expensive and an economical package can be drafted easily. My vote, a hell yes!

Kauai, Hawaii: Also known as the Garden Isle, Kauai is the oldest island in the hawaiian chain of islands. Stunning forests and lush green covers accompanied with fantastic waterfalls, Kauai is a bliss to any tourist, making every penny more than just count. What increases the beauty of the island more is the abundant population of exotic tropical fishes in the blue sea surrounding the island. A laid back island, the place is a drug for peace lovers. A tip, smoke weed, drink some beer and gaze around while you tan.

Seychelles: An Indian ocean resident, Seychelles is located in east of Africa. The island has UNESCO protected jungles and is an abode to giant boulders. Following the major offering of every island, the place inculcates a serene environment and has various yet to be explored hidden spots. Donning a diverse population of colourful birds, the island is also a home to exotic animals as well.

Fiji: Located in South Pacific, the island is a place of solace and diversity altogether. The place is an archipelago of more than 300 islands together. Turquoise waters along with beautiful white sand beaches, Fiji is a perfect for a romantic getaway. Tourists can enjoy amazingly cooked seafood, adventure sports and peace not to forget. Fiji is my personal favorite, if you ask!

Maldives: Widely accepted as one of the best islands in the world, the place is a heaven of peace. The aquamarine waters and ravishing white beaches gives the place a typical sublime nature. The island also comprises of beautiful underwater creatures and breathtaking coral reefs which forces every tourist to get in for a scuba diving call. Ride the blue waves with surfing and loosen your mind in this heaven.

Bali: The Indonesian island has earned a great reputation in quite a short time. The island has a rich heritage of art, culture and food further marking itself more than just a island. All types of tourists flock to the place with immense interest. There are several other spots on the island which are unexplored and make a perfect escape for anyone who wishes a perfect peace of mind. My next stop for sure.

Santorini: Located in Greece and created by volcanic eruptions, the island is the most expensive island in the world. The island is a perfect place to view amazing sunset and the beaches also has black and red sands in certain areas. A perfect place for a perfect romantic escape.

This is my list of the Most Beautiful Islands, what do you have in mind, is what i await, you know friends helping out each other. So stop lazing around, pack your suitcase and go fetch the adorable peace awaiting your steps.


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