Prague a treat for every soul

Prague isn’t just a city, but an entity of some kind” You will know it when you visit it. According to me, when I first visited the place, I fell in love with my loneliness, honestly. Prague is the soul of Europe. Inflicting a paradise in the form of simplicity, Prague is a desire for anyone who is looking out for finding ethnic peace, this is the actual definition of it, and according to me, it’s my personal rehab. The Czech capital can make anyone fall in love with its beautiful architecture and inner neighbourhoods.

So, when I started discovering the place inch by inch, I created my own diary, you know to keep a treat safe and sound for you guys and this is my perception of Prague.

Musical Prague: The place has a gift of music. Fans of classical, pop, rock or any other genre can satisfy their music curiosity while staying in Prague. Rudolfinum, the Municipal House is the place for classical music lovers and dance music fans can visit any Prague club to enjoy the heavy beats. Speaking about the renowned clubs of Prague, Roxy, Cross Club, Akropolis or MeetFactory are obligatory visits for everyone.

One of the most famous music destinations of Prague is the four-storey club, titled as Karlovy Lazně. Make sure you don’t miss this point as every floor of the club is dedicated to different genre. If you are a music festival lover then summer is the best place for Prague visit as United Islands is the most famous music festival. Guys, do visit the place.

Shopping in Prague: Prague is also a shopping heaven, malls like Palladium, Chodov, Nový Smíchov, and Arkády Pankrác are few of the places which can offer the best european stuff. Girls save some money and come here instead of exploiting the already spoilt Thailand. People who wish to take anything antique home, then they can try out Prague’s Uhlíř Antiques. My personal opinion, you’ve money in your pocket, burn them here, I am sure you won’t regret it.

The place has antiques from all over the world. Also there is an antique shop on Karmelitská Street which showcases several exclusive antiques. If you wish to shop old master canvases, you can visit Galerie Petr Brandl which specializes in the same dominion.

Celebrated cafés of Prague: People who aim for a classical taste of coffee can head towards Café Slavia which is the most famous of all cafes in Prague. To get a good vibe of parisian atmosphere, plan an obligatory visit to Café Louvre. More, anyone who has a thing for cubist interiors and furniture, Grand Café Orient is the place for them.

When luxury is nothing but a word for you, as it is for me, then chose to visit Café Imperial or Café Savoy. Try out coffee prepared from special yet small farms by Kavárna Pražírna who buy, test and roast beans all by themselves. Don’t forget to buy yourself a small pack of coffee beans created by the cafe and also to thank me later for the tip.

Breathtaking views in Prague 365 days: Nicknamed as the “City of a hundred spires”, the Czech Capital is decorated with several spires and towers. Visit the observation deck of the Old Town Hall to admire the ancient heart of the city. Also, visit Petřín lookout tower situated in the Letná Park sp as you can gather some unforgettable views. Vítkov Hill is known to offer its visitors a view of military leader Jan Žižka. Climb the hill and have a glimpse of eccentric Prague.



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