Reasons foreigners love goa

Goa, India, which is a tropical seashore which is loved by millions of tourists outside India specifically. It’s funny how people of India aren’t that aware of the luxurious peace that any holidays to Goa would offer, but the immigrants from outside the country take full leverage of. Since the situation is bizarre in a way, we here list few reasons as to why foreigners love Goa:

They love the 4S theory: Sand, Sun, Sex and Sea, the 4S, foreigners are in love with the combination and hence there dedication of their consistent holidays to Goa is explained in a certain way.

Winter Season is their favorite season of visit: Since winters in Goa are pleasant and warm, foreigners love to visit Goa, India at this time of the year. The beaches are clean and are in perfect condition, further giving them a room of peace and serenity. The seashore is the exact shade of blue and the Goan weather is the weather they desperately long for. Winters is also a season where they can have a good tan or a sunbath.

The integration of different cuisines gives them the exact taste: Goan Food is the best amongst the whole of India and its a guarantee that no one can find seafood that better anywhere around. Goan cuisine is a mixture of Portugal and Konkan cuisine. The cuisine serves them the desired taste and above all the tropical flavours just lifts up the delicacies of the dishes.

It’s better than Bahamas, Thailand and any other seashore destination: Goa, India is a mixture of cultures. Fusion of people from Israel, Russia, Europe and Germany live here like hippies. The tropical paradise has more than just a good weather to offer. Unlike other seashore destinations, Goa has everything, starting from food, trance music, amazing seafood, alcohol, music festivals, night markets, drugs, beaches, silence and peace. Goa, India is a complete paradise with everything available at a very economical price further increasing the immigrants population. Many foreigners stay here for more than just few weeks or months.

Budget Stay hotels and rooms: Many international destinations may offer the same, i.e. sand and sea but the price range at which they offer the same burns a big hole in the pocket. Goa, India, on the other hand offers lot of budget stays. There are hostels, guest houses, dorms and budget hotels. The average price of a budget room, anywhere in Goa, India would cost around 600-1500 INR per day which is more than just economical for a place where everything is there.

Trance music Parties everywhere: Goa, India is not just about budget fun (however that is a big deal) but still, there is more to it. Plenty of hostels, clubs, bars and guest houses conduct late night parties which starts around 11 PM at night and continues till 6 AM in the morning. Plenty of clubs and bars offer their stage to various trance music artists who are recognized globally for their music skills. Many foreigners while on their holidays to Goa, join these parties and smoke out their stress which is the most satisfying part.

Friendly atmosphere: Goa tourist always feel welcomed in the paradise which is because people of Goa, India are friendly and have an acceptance of foreign culture. Unlike many other tourist places, Goa is one place where people are not judged and they find freedom in doing whatever they want at that significant time. So the culture of acceptance in Goa, India is also one of the reasons as to why foreign people love to plan their holidays to Goa.


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