The Lost Tribes of the World an Intresting Insight!

The Lost Tribes of the World

So be it the sentinelese tribe,the uncontacted tribes in russia,the surma tribe,or the isolated tribes in Africa I have listed out all the famous tribes of the world

Imagine a life without Facebook, Instagram or twitter. I mean yes, we millennials did have a childhood without them but now they are like oxygen to us. I honestly have no idea what do to with my laptop if it is not connected to the Wi-Fi. No Netflix? No The Walking Dead? . By the way if we are on the subject what were the creators thinking when they killed GLEN! . Anyways you can hear my sob story some other time, basically I am talking about a world where you have no idea that technology or even civilization exists. Surreal right? Seems like the plot to some B rated Hollywood movie, starring Rob Schneider and his God awful haircut.

I have always felt that fascinating trinkets, weird survival tricks, and strange cultures and traditions do not exist in fantasy novels alone. And to get to the end of my beliefs, I dug deep into the tribes and came to the conclusion that they are definitely not a thing of the past or some ancient myth. Men have evolved from tribes to cities. However, some of these still prefer the primitive ways of life and live an isolated life.

So that’s why I share my discovery with you, of the tribes that still live, surviving and thriving against the odds with the survival measures passed on to them down the generation ladder. These are the tribes that have been lost to the world but are surviving regardless of being known or unknown to the world.

Here’s a look into a few fascinating tribes that look like they are lost to the world but are living in their own ways.

The Surma Tribe
All this while when ships sailed the seas, world wars were won and lost, and lands were exchanged on pacts of independence there existed a tribe of peaceful folks that did not believe or have any faith in governments. This is the Surma tribe that can be traced to Ethiopia. They are people who have never bothered to come into the loophole of governments.

These are the people who you’d see on the National Geographic channel with giant lip plugs that would either fascinate you beyond infinity or freak you out into believing that these people are really just fabricated and not real. But the Surma tribe is a big fat reality indeed.

Although they had avoided any contacts with outsiders yet the outsiders succeeded in making contacts with them in the 1980s when some Russian doctors held a conversation. The only advancement that these tribal people have adopted is the use of Kalashnikovs to protect their land and belongings.

The Solo Brazilian
When I say tribe, you’d probably be imagining nomads dressed in colorful clothes doing the samba. Of course, your imagination is your own refuge so you can imagine anything you want, but you’d probably not imagine a one man tribe, because since when did tribes really start comprising of only a solo person?

But this lone Brazilian is one loner of a tribe who lives somewhere in the Amazon. The guy is more a brother to Bigfoot than anyone else because he shares his traits of disappearing into thin air the moment anyone catches a glimpse of him.

He is probably the loneliest man on the planet. Considering that he is not causing us any harm, why are we bothering to invade his personal space? The answer is really simple; our scientists are really curious; they want to finally find the man who they can then feature in the video of Akon’s song, Lonely.

There is another good reason too. Basically, the disappearing solo tribesman is the only and last surviving person of an uncontacted tribe in Amazon. The question then arises how he survived for decades all by himself while simultaneously protecting the treasure bank of language and customs of his tribe? if there is any person who can explain all this to us, it is the lone Brazilian himself.

The New Guinea Tribes
Illiteracy paints a rather cruel sort of picture, and when we say tribes, we are of course associating the lack of education with them. The only medium of education that probably prevails in tribes must be survival over everything else even if that involves feeding on human beings. Sounds horrible, right?

Well, that’s the situation with the New Guinea tribes who have succeeded in their lessons of education so much that have not even shown themselves on the radar. And with the tales of cannibalism making rounds, there are literally very few discoveries on these tribes made so much so that they are considered lost to the world.

Anyone who has tried to map these tribes has ended down the valley of death. For instance, in 1961 Michael Rockefeller set out to find one of these tribes in the rugged terrain of New Guinea. Turns out he never returned. It is thought that he was captured by one of these tribes and eaten by them

The Sentinelese Tribe
Imagine being greeted with a round of arrows every time you try to enter a territory. Well, that’s what happens every time that our modern people have tried to enter the area between Thailand and India called the North Sentinel Island.

This tribe comprises of 250 people who welcome their visitors with a sweet dose of a rain of arrows. These people are also known to be resistant to natural disasters and survive in circumstances that normally people cannot.

For example, these rough and tough tribesmen survived the odds that came with Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. This catastrophe wreaked havoc in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, but the tribe remained unscathed. They’re probably the most durable sort that mankind ever produced.

They are quiet territorial with anger management issues, in 2006 a boat carrying two fishermen accidently drifted near the waters of their Island. Both of the unlucky men were killed by the Sentinelese people and then they were buried in shallow graves. So they are kind of are like your great aunt you meet at weddings, who kills you with sarcasm and then gives you dessert to eat. Burn burn I say. Helicopters were sent to the rescue of those fishermen but they could not land. The Sentinese people started to shoot arrows towards the chopper. Obviously, they had no idea what a helicopter was and might think it was some big bad metallic bird which made weird and loud noises.

So the facts are that atomic bombs and state of the art machines was unable to stop the modern man from attacking and taking over but arrows thrown by half naked people made the modern man to back the hell up. Guess we need to learn something from these people. Even the police refused to go collect the bodies of the poor fishermen because they were afraid of the poisonous darts (ok that is a pretty genuine excuse, I mean who wants to be punctured by blood smeared darts).

So it isn’t just us cowardly buffoons hiding behind our computer screens that do not want to mess with these people but our adventurous, brave ancestors stayed away from them too. Their delightful rep dates back centuries, Marco Polo stated that these people are the most violent and cruel generation who seem to eat everything that they catch. Talk about something out of a Grimm brother’s novel.

These are actual tribes in this world today that live totally secluded lives. They have no idea what is going on in the rest of the world and are completely satisfied and content in their small tribe. It is the whole scenario of the feature film, The Gods must be crazy, in which the African tribe has no idea what a coke bottle is. They think it is some kind of an evil object and one of them decides to throw it off the edge of the earth (loco has no idea that the world’s not flat).

So there is another tribe that lives in Indonesia. The Korowai tribe of Papua. Well these people lives in wooden tree houses and use stone tools. Some missionaries and archaeologists did try to make contact with them in the 1970s but even now they have the same old life. The belief of the Korowai people actually stopped then from ever changing their ways, they think that if the change their customs then the world will be destroyed by a huge earthquake (the weight on their shoulders wow). And here I thought the passing black cat was the weirdest superstition of all. These people sure are on a high level of commitment cocaine or they just made up an excuse to say bye bye to the whities. Even the missionaries were like no thank you; think we will be okay with not angering your earthquake blackmailing God, with abandonment issues.

Like the Sentinese tribe these people do not scare away people by giving them a death wish. They actually goof around with people until they go away. They even went so far as to hand over a young boy to the pesky reporting who told them a story that he was afraid that cannibals were going to eat him. And when a team came to rescue the boy, they were all arrested because of not having visas while the Korowai people laughed their heads off. Pants or not pants, you got to give to them for their sense of humor. I wish people here believed that the world’s doomed if we wear pants. My life would be so much better.

Another Indian tribe called the Jarawas also rejected contact but are slowly emerging into the modern world. The Puroik and Bangru tribe lives in the Himalayas and have their own distinct language and culture. The Ruc people live in Vietnam and were discovered by soldiers in the Vietnam War. The Pintupi people live in the Gibson Desert in Australia. The Carabayo tribe, Nukaak and the Islados dos Rio Yari people live in Colombia. Totobiegosode in Paraguay, Cacatibo in Peru, and Hoti in Venezuela and Apiaká tribe in Brazil are many of the isolated tribes in the world.

Do let us know if you have ever encountered any tribes or people who are completely cut off from the world and how they have survived till now. Leave your story in the comment box. If you liked this post, I would be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing it on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you and do read other posts on this blog. Ciao.


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