Seven Castles To Visit As Signs of the Past’s Royalty

So Today I decided to take you through my personal list of  Castles the Seven Wonders In the world! Well Yes for me they are more beautiful and unique than the official ones I feel they are just overrated in a corrupted world !



Pink and white

Sparkling crystals


Shining armor

Green frogs


Enchanted Forests”


Did that just sound like a new definition of lame? Or is it just me? Because boy! This quote just punched the honor of the castles straight in the gut. The way I view it, castles not only invade the dreams of little girls and fairy tales but they are inklings of the past that remind us of the royal lifestyles of the kingdoms that have seen the daylight then hit the dust in a repetitive cycle.


Just like the Disney movies, the world has no dearth of castles. Nope, castles are not all about Pinterest quotes and girlish dreams, they are real and breathtakingly beautiful, and they dot the entire planet. Here are seven amazing pieces of history that shed light on the past’s royalty.

  1. Mont Saint Michel Castle in France

Situated on an island in Normandy, about 1km off the coast. It’s the sort of place you would want to capture your enemies in with the lights turned off. Like man, a moron wouldn’t be able to even figure his way out. Mont Saint Michel Castle is visited by the 3 million plus people annually. And the amazing part is that there are strong tides that regularly connect and disconnect the island castle to the mainland, so the castle is completely at the mercy of the waters.

  1. Castle of Malbork, Poland

The Malbork Castle is the largest castle in the world by surface area and the largest brick gothic castle. It is a typical living example of a medieval fortress, and it would definitely be fun playing hide and seek in this one, wouldn’t it? Surrounded by greenery, this red brick building is an epic destination to shoot an ancient historical movie. I am all up for starring in that movie.



  1. Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

The Spanish translation of the name of this castle is the Segovia Castle. But according to my translations, I see Alcazar as a name having jumped straight out of Alchemy or let us say, from Harry Potter. Something like, “Alohomora Alcazar.”


This is a stone building so here’s more proof that it has definitely popped out of some witch and wizard movie, any of your favorites really. More strokes of fantasy include the palace’s shape like that of a ship’s bow, and it’s location on a rocky hill. The Alcazar castle was built originally as a fortress in the 12th century, but throughout the pages of history, it has served as a state prison, a royal palace, and a military academy.

  1. Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is already a breathtaking beauty with all the mesmerizing scenic places. Add a castle over here, and like me, you would sure never want to leave this place ever, instead decide to spend your “always and forever” here, but then again if you have wanderlust in your heart like I do, you might reconsider the decision you just made. So, anyway, to cut to the core, the Prague Castle is about 130 meters in width so it’s pretty fat and 570 meters in length. It is one of the oldest and largest castles of our globe. It is set among a city where you can literally breath the ninth century aura when it was constructed.

  1. Castle Frankenstein, Germany

I am not really sure if Mary Shelly took tidbits of her novel from this castle, but the castle sure is a beauty. The Frankenstein Castle was built some 800 years ago and since then served as a tourist attraction, an allied base in the World War II, and a hospital. In truth, it would be all the more interesting had someone actually found Frankenstein’s footprints there at night.

  1. Château de Chambord, France

This French palace was built for Francois I as a hunting lodge for him. In contrast to the architecture prevalent during the French Renaissance, this building stands very distinctly. It opened its doors to the public’s viewing in 2007, and so far, it has served as a magnet to attract greater than 700, 000 visitors. It’s the sort of place one would like to go on for a holiday.

  1. Osaka Castle, Japan

This is the sort of castle that is featured in Samurai Jack. It is a typical reflection of the Japanese architecture, boosting an exterior of five stories and an interior divided into eight slices. Built in the 16th century, it was designed on a tall stone base in order to protect its residents.


It is completely up to you to select which of these castles you admire more, depending, of course, on your preferences of which section of the past you want to visit yourself. For now time for a smoke, adieus amigos.



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