Five Famous Travelers From Around the Globe!

Who are the most famous travelers around the world because When I travel, I often end up wondering who are exactly my ancestors, people from whom I have got the genes of wanderlust and the curiosity to explore the myriad of cultures. Of course, because a soul like me cannot stand still, a person like me is a bird who craves to see every nook and corner of the world. Because when I am on a mission to learn about new people and explore new places, I feel a wicked kind of adrenaline burst that energizes my soul. Travel is more like the secret-of-my-life, the fuel-to-my body sort of thing. Because man when I travel, the world is a wonderful place but wait *takes a breath*


Let’s take a pause here, for I just realized that I could go on and on about how travel makes me feel without really getting to the point. So basically, I dug deep into my forefathers who traveled like me, we are the flying birds, and you can say without journeying about here and there, we can be compared to flightless birds who have lost the basic essence of flight that is intrinsic to their nature.

After doing a detail research on all the famous travelers today and studying the famous gypsy travelers i have shortlisted the greatest traveler bird!

So here is a look at the most famous travelers around the world, who globe trotted even when they did not have the leisure of airplanes. Because, well, you guessed that right, the disease called travel-allure infected their souls (Allure ‘cause I couldn’t find the opposite match for phobia)


  1. Christopher Columbus


You probably just knew that this guy was going to top the list because let’s admit we all have grown up knowing about his love for exploring new places and traveling till he drew his last breath. Wait; well that’s an exaggeration. Columbus traveled until got ill, which is also a major thing, considering travel was way risky at that time. This guy was literally ruthless when it came to voyaging, I mean man the dude did not even stop despite the hardships he faced due to it.


The dude got temporarily blind, had bleeding eyes, and was victimized by insomnia, arthritis, malnutrition, plus flu. But did he give up? Not at all! All hail Columbus for this wanderlust.


By the way, his efforts did yield a sweet fruit. Of course, he did not discover America, but he did lead the way for the European explorers to get to the jumbo continent.


  1. Ibn Battuta


The guy who prolly never imagined that he would have a humongous mall to his name in the UAE but jokes apart, this guy covered 120,000 km in his life, journeying to regions that make up a total of 44 countries today from the region mapped today from Italy to Indonesia, Timbuktu to Shanghai.


If you are already not impressed, then you would be the moment you learn of his travel troubles. The legend got mugged, held hostage, hid in a swamp for straight seven days without food and was attacked by pirates (not the non-dangerous sort like that in the Pirates of the Caribbean who end up being betrayed by the mermaids, fools forgot that beauty is a trap!) The legend  is definitely worth the name of the mall!

  1. Yuri Gagarin

You must have probably had that name in your primary class, rings a bell? He’s the first man on the moon. His craving for travel was so damn serious that he was willing to travel outside the planet itself. Must be some kind of father of all travel genes and  must to spice up the list of Famous Travelers!


And he was fearless, way too fearless. Guessing why I am saying this? It’s due to the fact that the dude was blasted into the dark, unknown space in 1961 on a seat placed on top of a tin that was itself set atop a bomb. Mother of all the wicked, really!


  1. Fridtjof Nansen


This dude is the father of polar exploration; he was the first to head to Greenland’s ice cap and the first to saiL the Artic Ocean and went deeper into the north than anyone had ever before.


He was brave but not a wreaking-ball-brave, as he never lost a single man during his travel tales, which is amazing in its own way. Nansen saw winter most though. He lived through nine months in freezing temperatures without turning into a mighty ice cube himself. His survival tip: hiding in a hut of walrus hides and stones and feeding on walrus and polar bears.


  1. Captain James Cook


Pair a traveler with a cartographer, and he makes for an excellent personality. His curiosity sailed him to the Antarctic and Artic circles and the seven continents, twice, I repeat, twice!  


Oh and Cook also mapped Australia and New Zealand. He also survived biliary colic by feeding on the stew made from a ship’s dog. Absolutely, a travel enthusiast, we got there.


And when Endeavour, his ship hit the grounds in the Coral Sea, he beached and repaired it. So here we go again, Captain Cook at your service added to the list of Famous Travelers!


But for now, you have me at your service, now signing out from an episode on the famous travelers in the world. It’s for you to decide who impresses you the most, but for me, all are my great-great-grandfathers, as from them I seek the inspiration and to them shall I always look up to. For now, hasta la vista habibis.





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