Best Sailing Schools In the World!

You would definitely remember the sailing Schools of Hard Knocks; the only sailing school that taught cruisers the art of sailing.

From sailing lessons online to best sailing schools in the world get the latest Insight.

However, these days every other sailor (either experienced or a daring newbie) finds it okay to start their own sailing school. They reside all over the world, which is why for your ease and my own; I have gathered insight on the best sailing schools around the globe.

I, personally, talked to the students of these schools, wrote down their experience and determined which schools are eligible to be listed in the top 5 sailing schools of the world.

Now if you are anything like me, you don’t have a problem with traveling. So even if a certain school is located on another continent, you would pack your bags and set yourself to this new learning cruise.

So grab a pen and a paper or basically a snack as I go through all these top sailing schools.


If you dont have time to study for a license, or just want to relax on board of a yacht, you should definitely “rent a yacht with”– new online booking service for yacht rentals and fishing trips. Here you can easily rent a yacht for a couple of hours, so you can take a look at Dubai from water, while the experienced captain and crew will be taking care of you. A 3 – 4 hour cruise will let you see almost every local landmark, while 5 hours would be enough to visit legendary The World islands. Just pick a date, the time youd like to start, a duration of your trip, along with a number of people you are bringing along with you. After you pick a boat from the list of available options, all you have to do is pay for it with your Visa, MasterCard or AMEX – thats it, you are good to go




J/world sailing school is different than other sailing schools. This school won’t make you feel like you are in a boarding school and fun is no way near you in a 60-mile radius. Instead, J/world allows you to stay 6 hours on the water; which according to my estimation and basically, Google is more than any other school would allow.

The best part is it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced racer seeking ways to polish your skills, you would be taught something new.

In J/world, every staff member around you is a sailor. Each sailor goes through the ‘student’ period where they are taught the rules and techniques of sailing on a professional level. Even when you call for admission, you hear a voice of a person experienced in sailing and sailing plan. It’s like knowledge is sparkling around you.


Whether its high school or sailing school, nothing sounds better than a clean, healthy and friendly environment. Tortola sailing school has experienced and well-spoken trainers who make sure the objectives are understood well by the students. However, I would love to enjoy some free time in nature.

For that, Caribbean Sea has the most soothing feel. You would literally forget all your tensions. While the sea provides pleasure to the mind, the scenery of island provides pleasure to the eyes.

I know what you are thinking; this is not a promotional segment of the Caribbean Sea and island of Tortola. I was mentioning the plus points of choosing the Tortola sailing school.


As a reviewer, I shouldn’t be saying this, but Ultra Sailing School is actually my personal favorite choice; basically, because it offers the best and most unique sailing courses that are eligible for all sorts of noobs out there. Now, I know what you want to say right now, “Every school has the same sailing courses.” And yes you are right. Every school does have almost the same courses, but with the environment, hygiene and behavior of the staff, the location of the school is, also, really important.

If that doesn’t convince you to be a part of this school, then how about the “Discover Sailing” course that the school offers? In this course, you get to refresh your knowledge about sailing before the classes even begin. What can be cooler than that? You get to spend three days in Split.



Like I said in the beginning, it is very important for the staff of the school to be experienced and that is why I picked Gulf Chatters Sailing School to be on this list. In the whole Thailand, this school has the largest number of experienced staff. That means they will be aware of all sorts of weaknesses and strong points that you bare and they will treat you accordingly. That, also, means you cannot really try to be clever in front of them. They’ll spot you from a mile away. They have been doing this for about 10 years now. You don’t have to worry about anything. They will make you the seaman you are planning to become.

Both types of keelboats and multihulls are available for your ease and comfort. I talked to many sailors having International Yacht Training certification and according to them, due to this school; they are having the time of their lives on the yachts now.



Why are you worried? If the rest of the schools didn’t appeal you, this would.

Afterguard sailing academy teaches sailing in the most fun way ever. If you can’t concentrate in serious, yelling environments, this school is the perfect one for you. Turn your dreams of sailing by yourself into a reality. It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about sailing. A 90-minute intro lesson will do the trick for you.

One thing about this school overwhelmed me and that is, this school has a non-profitable course. That doesn’t mean you won’t get any benefit of not learning sailing, lol. That means all your money is donated to fund high school courses to improve the lives of coming youth.

Each and every school has its own benefit. It depends entirely on your personal preference. I did my part of breaking down the huge list into a list of five. I genuinely hope my efforts help you.  


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