As humans, it is the sole purpose of our existence to interact with people around us. However, it is more important to stay happy. And sometimes, the only way to stay happy is to stay alone. Being a loner is not bad as long as you are happy. If you think about it, as a loner you can do a lot of things. Things like eating without worrying about your weight because nobody is going to criticise or judge you or leave you because you’re fat. Things like sleeping without having to share your bed. Or things like watching whichever show you like without having to share your TV remote.

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If you agree with me on all the benefits I think there are for loners, then you are nothing more than an introvert, like me. Being an introvert, there are times you want to discover the world or simply travel away from your normal routine life. Such introverts are known as travel introverts. I cannot stress more on how much I am such an introvert. We find comfort in travelling and it is the best remedy for us. Simply because according to us, the only thing that can cure us is the feeling of being out on the road all by ourselves leaving all worries behind.



Travelling is the best remedy for several reasons.




Travelling takes you to places with calm and beautiful sceneries. No matter where you go, there are many places where you just want to stay quiet and breathe. Such places are the best for loners. They tend to stay alone and breathe in the fresh air. It relaxes the muscles of the brain, ensures peace and rejuvenates an introvert. It is extremely important for an introvert to travel and get away from familiar faces; move to a place where people don’t know you and where nobody would disturb you. Everything will be peaceful and it will cure your mind and soul.




An introvert’s beliefs can, sometimes, be dangerous for them. Beliefs like, “if I start a conversation people will find me weird. It is better to stay quiet.”

Believe it or not, people around the globe are social freaks and I say that in the most positive way. If you approach someone and start a conversation, they would actually get to know you and there are 90% chances they would like you and your thoughts.

There is no such thing as a weird tourist talking to you. People, who are social, find it exciting to talk to new people and explore their cultures. You are actually proving to be good for them instead of being weird. Travelling takes you to different places where you meet different people and cure your social phobias.




Regular day, regular life, regular workplace ruins your mood. Similar faces with no conversations upset you. It may be because you don’t want them around or maybe because you are not interested in talking to them. In such circumstances, it is best for you to take a break and travel around the world to stay positive and healthy. Refresh your mind; meet new people, which is how travelling will help you.




When you travel, you learn a lot about you. In new situations, you discover how you react to certain things and how your reaction was, even, unexpected for you. You are aware of your likes and dislikes from a theoretical point of view, but from an experimental point of view, you are actually a little different. Besides that, you get to experience new places, restaurants, food items, shopping items, shopping malls, travelling ways. The more you learn about yourself, the easier it becomes for you to live your life.




The easiest way to cure yourself is by taking the time to travel and face your fears. The less you are afraid of things, the more you enjoy life and the fun it gets. If you are alone and you are afraid, the only way to cure it is by facing your fears. The most amounts of fears are faced while travelling.

If you are an introvert, I genuinely hope the above points convinced you to travel across the globe and cure yourself. Being a loner isn’t bad, but being a staying-at-home loner is the most damage you are providing yourself.  Travel around and discover yourself. Rejuvenate yourself and become a person with purpose and passion in life.


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