7 Most Dangerous countries you should play safe !

Travel is good, travel is divine and there is no science experiment that can prove it the other way round. But while travel is love, travel destinations you choose should also be safe and sound. Because nobody wants to return home wounded or empty-pocketed or dangerous of all, not return at all.


And because I know that life is dear to all of us, I have jotted a list of 7 most dangerous countries to play safe when you travel . Some of these places are semi-safe to travel to provided you don’t drop your sense of precaution on the way to the place while others are a complete NO-NO. Here we go:

Dangerous countries

  1. Somalia

Consider becoming the turkey between two slices of a sandwich, boring, right? But dangerous at times as well. And when I say a turkey between two tribal sandwiches, I mean Somalia. This is one of the dangerous countries to travel to where a traveler can easily get caught between the tug-of-war between the tribal factions of the country.


  1. Nigeria

Scams, thefts, corruption, and gang activity dot the tourism scenario in this country. Turmoil also suddenly breaks on the peaceful day between the religious factions of the country. There is also a risk of the pirates here, sea travel is also, therefore, a no-no. So unless you want to get caught up in the fold with a point of almost no return, you better mark it off your tourism list or might even just take the risk .


  1. Honduras

Violence+ High crime rate+ Malaria equal to travel to Honduras. The government of the country has itself issued a warning and asked the tourists to be on high alert as it stands strong in the list Dangerous countries. Arms trafficking is part and parcel of the social framework of this place and illegal firearms are commonly present. So you never know when you are a target of the malaria causing mosquito and have the trigger pulled on your head.


Although the country has several tourist spots to boost about yet it is peppered with drug violence and  considered as one of the Dangerous countries to travel. Plus, Guatemala sees street robberies, carjackings, and bus holdups as commonly as one sees the sun every day. The country also has a high rate of murder. So, unless you are suicidal you would rather keep a lot of distance between this country and yourself.



Instead of saying Hola, you would rather keep it to hasta luego when it comes to the drug induced violence in the country. If you still have guts no less than superman (who lacks dressing sense by the way) then it is advisable that you stay within the parameter of your resorts because beyond its boundaries lurk the criminals and deadly crime. As for me, I would rather just travel to Mexico by tuning into the television show of Narcos, I’d get an ample dose of Latin America really .


6.Cape Town

Flabbergasted right? Because it seems next to impossible to strike this place off one’s travel destinations owing to its beauty. The place is a magnet for tourists despite the danger. It has a soaring high rate of crime, it is advisable that when you travel to the country, you keep your wallets close to yourself and don’t travel to the unsafe areas and during the night.


There is a lot of crime and a lot of crisis in this country. Street crime is as common as the air we breathe in and there is lot of violence emanating from the drug gangs. Theft and muggings are common making it an extremely undesirable place to travel to. So choosing between another travel destination and getting all your travel essentials stolen is your shot to call and of course you know what’s the wise call here.

Here was my list of 7 dangerous destinations of the world that are important to be aware of because nobody wants to burst to bits with explosions or come under the round of fires in any country. As for me, I am going to go calm my crying soul for not being able to travel to these places or you never know you might see me in couple of these Dangerous countries to taste some booming risks!



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