Our very own Persian poet Rumi created his own little world where he believed that humans are not bound by limitations of culture and traditions. He, also, believed that there are no Christians, Sufis, Muslims or Hindus in his world. His world is solely filled with humans not bounded by any territory. If we think about it, the majority of the humans, in this world, are fighting for territorial rights and spreading hate. When you are around such hatred, your life feels stressed and exhausted. Rumi, with his unique poetry, tried to eradicate that hatred and spread the love. The reason he became successful in his struggle is that his thoughts on love are relatable for people all around the world.

Rumi believes that we have built walls around us for love. These walls need to break before we can actually experience love. When we are not in love, we say such rude words about it, but after we fall in love, the only thing we possess is guilt for the words we used. Now here, love is not for a person with opposite sex. Love, here, means love for Allah; our creator. We spend our whole lives trying to find Allah, but we lack the knowledge of Him being within us from the beginning of time. When you are in love with your Creator, you cannot describe the feeling. It is the most unusual yet beautiful feeling you have ever experienced. You cannot find a reason to love Allah because you feel as if you were born to love Him. Every action you take while being in love with Him is for Him. He sent us guidance to not get attached to worldly possessions and discover his world. This is, also, a reason why Rumi believes we should travel.

As Rumi says,

‘Two who are never satisfied; the lover of the world and the lover of knowledge’
According to this quote, when you are in love with knowledge, no amount of it is enough to satisfy you. You feel like you need more and since more is out there, you tend to seek it in any way possible. Similarly, when you are in love with this world, no amount of traveling satisfies you. As long as you are out on the road discovering Allah’s creations, you feel contented with your actions. Traveling fulfills your needs and makes you believe you are doing the right thing because you are doing what you love.
‘You have escaped the cage. Your wings have stretched out. Now fly’
Rumi believes humans are not bound by territories. Once they manage to get out of the womb, there is no other cage keeping them in. It is, only, their mind that places restrictions on them; they are as free as birds flying in the sky. Rumi, also, believes the world is boundary-less. It is round and there is no place in the whole world that stops you from entering. We, humans, have made boundaries and we try to stop others from entering a certain region. Otherwise, this world was created without any stop signs. Even our Creator tells us to discover his creations; which is why we should explore as much as we can and that can only be done when we are out on the road.

According to Rumi, it is our lame nature that keeps us stuck to one place. Traveling is the best gift a human can give to it. While traveling, if you ever need someone to give you some advice, go for someone who has been or is out on the road. Never go for advice to someone who has never traveled; because a person who has experienced something gives the best advice than someone who has never tasted the fun of traveling. This world is huge. It has so many places that are, even yet, undiscovered by travelers. However, the life you live is short, but not so short that you spend it living in one place. There is so much to discover out there and the fear of dying should not keep you in one place. You are gonna die anyway. Make the time you have worthwhile.

‘Travel is like Food for visionaries’- Bazil Patel
Hugs and kisses for all travelers out there.
I hope you guys have a good and happy life full of road running games.


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