The Four Freaking Fortresses in the World

The Four Freaking Fortresses in the World

The one thing that I deeply appreciate about fortresses is that they are a remnant of the past; a structural window through which the past seeps in. and the other thing that I admire about fortresses is their mighty size, which is a measure of the magnanimity of the mighty kingdoms in her history.


Dotted around the globe, these structures are great places to stand, with the wind tousling your hair, imagining yourself to be the king of the empire that erected the fortress, brick by brick. Or like me, you can scrutinize the skyline with a pair of binoculars and scan it for any remaining army or soldiers of the past rushing towards you. Really, though, these fortresses are fascinating remnants of the various empires that arose and shined, only to decline at the end of it all.


So, I’ll just stop beating about the bush and get to the crux already. Here is a take into some of the best fortresses in the world.


  1. Chittorgarh Fort, India




Constructed at a height of 590.6 feet and stretching over an area of 691.9 acres, the Chittorgarh fort is a symbol of chivalry and great gallantry. It stands proudly in India and is the largest fort in the country. It has seen several battles and kings and within its walls are etched the memories of the Mughal empire and the Rajput clans.


Basically, the Chittorgarh fort was built in Chittor, Rajasthan during the Mughal period. For some time in the history, Chittor was honored as the capital city of Mewar and it came under the control of the powerful Rajput clans. Later on, however, these clans abandoned the fort when the Great Emperor Akbar laid siege in the area.


  1. Königstein Fortress, Germany


The Konigstein Fortress is also nicknamed the Saxon Bastille and has several honors associated with it. Such as the honor of holding within the center of its building a deep well that is the second deepest in the entire Europe. I’d definitely love to peak into it and call my name. The echoes would be amazing, won’t they?


The fortress also has the glory of being the second largest fortress in the Europe. But the best part about this citadel is its location. It is situated atop a hill near Dresden, in Saxon Switzerland, Germany. River Elbe’s left bank greets the fort regularly, making the spot a great place for sightseeing while keeping a watchful eye on the enemies.


Also, Saxon Bastille sits on a plateau and some of its parts are as old as 400 years old. Here’s comes a tiny wish: I wish that time travel was possible, as who wouldn’t want to rewind back 400 years in the history.


  1. Masada, Israel

One citadel that has survived the ancient times is the Masada fortress in the Southern District of Israel. It sits on an isolated rock plateau with a vicinity encompassing great scenic beauty. On one of sides of the fort Masada sees the Judaen desert while the other side has the view of the Dead Sea.


As ancient as it is, it is truly a marvel that is has stood as resilient as a stone and passed the test of time. Today, it makes for one of the most popular destinations for tourists and travellers.


One secret of the preservation of the fort is that it has remained untouched by civilization over the years. Decay has also kept at bay so it has survived to see the modern millennia.


  1. Murud-Janjira, India

The last one on the list is again in India but this one made it to the list because of its location. There, I just ruined the surprise that I had held back to reveal in the end. Anyways, so the Murud-Janjira is built on an island that is off the Murad village, sprawled across the coast. It is situated in the Maharashtra, district Raigad and was erected in the 15th century, which is long, long back.


This citadel is regarded as one of the strongest and most resilient ever built as it, for one, a marine fort, and secondly, it is only possible to approach it via the seaside, which sums up to great protection.


From an enemy force’s prospective, the main gate is visible when one nears the mighty structure. But it’s must not have been this easy-peasy for the antagonists in the historical story to get a hold of their target because right in the rear of the fort is another structure that allows the insiders to run for dear life form the sea.


For me fortresses are places to explore and err, play some hide and seek at. They aren’t just glorious structures that have been erected by ancient people, they are a snippet of the past. And ya’ll know how I for one am all about historical beauties around the globe. If you are too, then I guess I have saved you some homework if you have been planning to visit these magnificent sites. My job is to help wanderlust inflicted souls all around and I suppose I have played a fair role today. So, for today, that’s all folks!



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