Magical Safari Experience In Tanzania

Best Safari in Tanzania

‘’ If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to save things that they love”
Steve Irwin.

Africa is famous for its magnificent wildlife and the chance that it offers us humans with, to witness all that splendour in its natural Habitat. For me it was like I was living a dream, there is something unusually serene about wildlife, the way they interact with other parts of nature. We all are so used to looking at nearly starved, thin animals caged up in zoos. Without any sign of life in their eyes. Watching them in a place where they belong is beyond something spectacular.

Stalk the stalker and watch the predator pounce upon its unfortunate prey. Witness the herd of millions of animals crossing the river, live in the wild, track gorillas and discover unusual species while you are at it. The wildlife Safari is of the key charms of most of the African adventures and well in my opinion Tanzania is one of the best countries for a trip to the wild side. The national parks in Tanzania are planned to suit all kinds of preferences, comfort levels, interests and you can be completely positive that the safari there is perfect for you.

The first hurdle in ay trip is to know which park should be visited and which ones should be left out. Ngorongoro and Serengeti seem like the most obvious places to visit, but it is likely that you might have more fun in the lesser known parks.


The Serengeti National Park
It is home to the Great Migration. This is a place you need to add to your bucket list. The incredible park showcases different varieties of ecosystems which allows it to host a range of animals, plants and birds. It is one of the most unique parks in Africa because of its sheer diversity. Over the decades, this national park has been the subject of the attention of people from all walks of life, including celebrities, poets, writers and movie stars and it easily ranks as one of the most beautiful safari destinations in all of Africa.

The park provides authentic game viewing opportunities, excellent accommodation options, hot air balloon safaris and one of the best destinations to catch a look at African predators. It is quite common to witness sightings of zebras, big cats, elephants, giraffes and gazelles there.


Lake Manyara
It is considered as the mini Serengeti. Lake Manyara is very minute in size and a majority of its area is covered by the lake itself. But somehow it still hosts as many as eleven different ecosystems and a very varied and vast wildlife. The groundwater forest that surrounds the Lake Manyara offers a much needed break from the African savannahs. Tree climbing lions are the stars of the show but predator sightings are very difficult. The park gives people the opportunity to have a close encounter with hundreds of elephants.
The park offers its visitors a chance for splendid bird watching, witnessing breath taking beauty, night safaris, trekking and hiking.


Ngorongoro Conservation Crater
A place that came into formation millions of years ago, the national park has closed of its borders to man with the assistance of walls that rise up to the heights of four hundred to six hundred meters. As a result the nature was given the freedom to run here and create some of the most magical species of animals and plants that the world has ever seen. The park is one of the few places that give you a chance to see all of the big five in a single day and it is also home to the endangered black rhino.
The place has excellent accommodation facilities and you can also explore the Maasai culture by taking a stroll in a traditional village.

Tarangire National Park
This place is not located on the main safari route. It is also less crowded than other national parks in Tanzania. Tarangire is ten times bigger than the Manyara and its game tends to be amazingly concentrated in the peak season. The park is also famous for its mind blowing baobab tress and its scenic natural beauty.
The safari offers its tourists a chance of walking safaris and night safaris, excellent accommodation options and concentrated wildlife viewing prospects even during the dry season. Animals that can be seen there include Giraffes, wildebeest, cheetah, impala, eland, elephant, lions, hartebeest, buffalo and gazelle.


Selous Game Reserve
This place is thought to be the largest unhabituated area in Africa and this alone makes it worth your while. The widespread untouched area of land represents nature and its beautiful best. The park also showcases the best bush vibe in all of Tanzania. Selous Game Reserve is 1 of the 2 places that are used by the elephants for their annual migration purpose and if witnessing hundreds of wildebeest is not possible you can always switch to the next big thing, looking at thousands of elephants at Selous. It is one of the very few destinations in the subcontinent where you can see wild dogs. The reserve provides excellent viewing prospects even during the dry season and lion sightings are rather very common.


Gombe Stream National Park
The place may be smaller in size but its attractions do pack a punch. The National park is popular all over the globe because of its link to Jane Goodall and her pioneering research on chimpanzees. The highlight of the safaris is its Chimpanzee tracking expeditions but you can also expect to see other several species of primates here. The National Park showcases a trail system that lets tourists penetrate deep into the jungle and enjoy some of the best views of the African bush. The park is very exclusive and not very crowded.

Tanzania is home to amazing wildlife and you should definitely check it out. Do share your stories regarding your trips to Africa and keep revisiting this blog if you liked what you read. I am signing off now. Goodbye


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