I don’t mean to sound offensive to anyone, but as a traveler I have been in different traveling situations. These situations comprise of both sorts of circumstances; one where I handle everything alone because I am out on the road by myself and the second where I deal with things in the company of few more individuals. And to be honest, the latter part is not that fun.

Now, I don’t mean to sound like an introvert, but as a gypsy traveller  (which you may know by now), I like to shape every plan by myself. While traveling, I like to stay invulnerable. But when I am around people, I feel caged by their judgments.  This is just one of the few reasons why I like to travel solo.


  • HURDLES  :


People are the most high maintenance creatures alive. While for an explorer, it is most important to be immune. There is no room for tantrums. However, when you are with a certain group of people, you have to take care of everything and everyone. All your actions are based on how others will be affected by that certain plan. If I am out sky diving, I only want to worry about my own parachute not opening.

I am the sort of person who’d leave everything behind just to follow his own dreams and since traveling is my dream; I don’t mean to ruin it by taking everything and everyone along with me tI prefer tavel solo.


I am not very tolerant when it comes to handling traffic. If you are anywhere near being a gypsy or  someone who loves to travel solo , you would know that you  like to lead and have things under your  control. Now You  know I cannot control everything or everyone, but you  can control yourself . I feel like crowds take that feeling away from me. They are roaming from one end to another destroying my environment and creating this useless, unwanted fuss. It, basically, ruins everyone’s day.

I feel like the more people travel with you, the more suffocating it gets. We are not billionaires. We are not going to travel in our private jets. . I like to travel solo  in a free environment where I can breathe in all the air and sleep  any where.



Let’s be straightforward for a minute. You only live once and when you know you only live once, you plan to live it perfectly. When you travel solo  by yourself, you’re in an idle situation. You can communicate with whoever you want. You can eat whatever you want. You can choose to sleep wherever you want. You don’t have to plan things according to others.

The most important benefit of flying solo while traveling is that you can take all the risks that you want to take. Nobody is going to judge you or stop you. Nobody is going to tell you it is dangerous and you should not do it. 


By the end of it all, I hope you understand me now and don’t hate me when I say I don’t like groups, I fly solo. I think my reasons are pretty valid. What is your opinion?

Besides that, tell me about your nature. Are you anywhere near like I am? Or are you the sort of person that only travels with a groups?


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