If you are anything like me, you would love to travel but would be more interested in the benefits it provides; ‘healing your soul’. Now that depends on why your soul needs healing. Travelling, basically, opens doors to new adventures in life. For me, travelling is a way to relieve stress and be a part of something new. My soul is healed through relieving stress. And you know how exciting that sounds.


From the beginning of the time, I always knew travelling is extremely important. Staying at one place and bearing all the tensions disrupts our routine and mental health; which is why it is very crucial to take a break from our normal routine and travel. Even if you are a teenager and the only tension you have in mind is your best friend talking to a person you hate, you still need a break from that constant life torture.



Our soul gets affected by little things easily. When something terrible happens, it leaves a little spot on our soul. It is extremely important to nourish and heal those spots because what affects our soul, affects our mind. And you know how an upset mind finds it difficult to function. Due to which, you not only lose people but also lose important opportunities in life.



  • You get to be yourself:

Travelling not only takes you to a different location but a different sort of life where nobody knows you. For a particular time, you will be able to be a different person; someone you are afraid people won’t like back in your place. Due to travelling, your environment changes, people around you change. All the toxic people that ruin your mood each and every day won’t be around you for a while. That, my friend, will help you breathe in all the positivity and breath out all the negativity. That is exactly what you need to heal your soul. Besides healing soul, what else does travelling help you accomplish? It helps you accomplish the list of people that affected your mood and need to go away from your life. Basically, travelling not only heals your soul but improves your life.


  • You get to experience pleasant sceneries:


Sometimes, your life is going well. You surround yourself with positive people, you love your job and you have a healthy life. You might wonder as to why such a person requires healing of their soul?

Let me ask you a question. Would you stay at home and sleep or go out and have fun?

If the second option is what you choose then that is what why you need to heal your soul. It is because your soul loves Adventure and every time due to a busy schedule, you have driven away from adventure, you get an ill soul.

Travelling is the best way to get some adventure in your life. Often there comes a time when you just want to be happier. Happiness heals your soul and travelling makes you happy.


  • You eradicate your fears:


Travelling takes you to places way out of your comfort zone. You know what happens when you are out of your comfort zone? You face your fear.

With time, our soul becomes scared of every other thing i.e. the fear of water, height or animals or anything. These fears need to go for your soul to be completely nourished and tension free.

When you are travelling, you are coming across activities due to which you get to face your fear. In the moment of facing a fear, you learn ways to get your mind over it. Eventually, the more you travel, the more confident you become and the fewer fears your soul holds.


  1. Amarnath Cave Trek in Kashmir, India
  2. Meditation retreat in Bali, Indonesia
  3. Life at a Buddhist Monastery in Koyasan, Japan
  4. Fasting and feasting in Sinai Desert, Egypt
  5.  The Spiritual Heart in Eastern coast of Ireland
  6. Drink ZamZAm in Madina, Saudia Arabia
  7.  Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  8. Shaman in Mongolia
  9. Mecca For Sure!
  10. Mt. Kailash, Tibet



I completely understand how, over the time, your soul requires healing and that is why I have mentioned above all the ways of how travelling will heal your soul. I genuinely hope my article changed your mind about travelling and let me know if you decide to travel somewhere in near future and exactly how it healed your soul.


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