If you have ever met me, you know I am the goofiest, careless and silly human. I find it more exciting to go out on the road in the middle of the night in a car without knowing a thing about the road I am headed to. For me, that is more exciting than getting a degree and landing a job that pays thousands of dollars. As long as I am using those dollars to travel around the globe, I am happy to earn. You see, everything about me starts with traveling and ends on traveling. And it is so encouraging to be in the era where such sort of people is making a living out of it. Besides making a living, they are actually surviving after implementing on their reckless ideas. Nothing sounds more motivating than that. When you are a reckless caterpillar, no cocoon can hold you in. The image of thousands of butterflies flying freely out there is the motivation you need to get out of the cocoon as soon as you can. In my case, my butterfly is Michael Palin. If you don’t know this guy, what are you doing with your life?


Michael Palin is the silly and goofy explorer who hates 6-9 jobs. I can see his reflection in me. His motive in life is to set his ship out (metaphorically) to any shore that may or may not exist. Well, sail to find out.

Let me tell you a beautiful story that doesn’t include a prince or princess, but a guy who always wanted to be an explorer. He took his first step towards his dreams when he went out on the road for 80 days. Michael Palin started his first journey as an explorer which not just became a popular book, but a popular television series. It went by the name, “Around the World in Eighty Days”.


Michael Palin visited 14 countries in 80 days. Of course, the adventure was not easy. He went through a number of tough times in his journey; suffered diarrhea faced hungry parrots, almost lost his life. But you know what they say, live your life as if it’s the last day. If it is his last day, he would want to travel it off to his end. With all his expenses paid, through BBC, he set his way around the world for eighty days and with half a day to spare, he returned home safely carrying with him loads of memories for BBC’s television series.


After the immense success of “Around the World in 80 days”, Michael presented to us “Pole to Pole”. In Pole to Pole, Roald Amundsen (the fictional character that plays the role of Michael Palin) covers both hemispheres and visits 16 countries. Even though the journey was extremely demanding and tiring, it was, still, worth it. Even though he almost drowned, his ribs cracked and he faced severe hangovers, his journey was, still, worth it. You may wonder why, but when you have the dream of being an explorer, there is nothing that can stop you from making that dream come true.


Then came out series called Full Circle where he and his team were trekking around the Pacific. In about 245 days, he and his crew visited 17 countries. This time they were pushed to their limits due to hurdles like Alaskan abandonment and Blizzards, but they made their way back to the country and gave us astonishing series.


After surviving Cheetah attacks and 4 bullet shots in about 7 countries, they managed to present to us Television series called Hemingway.

One by one, Michael Palin and his crew set their course out on the road and completed immense amount of journeys after recklessly surviving all dangers. Before you know it, he had made possible for about 6 television shows to go on air and make history with its success.

Sahara, Himalaya, New Europe are the series that came out after Hemingway. Michael and his crew survived all hurdles, of course, broke a few bones, went hungry for days, stayed in a hangover for hours, and survived a good amount of dangerous happenings of the world. However, at the end of the day, they came home with bruises on their bodies, but smiles on their faces. The documentary they made was shown to us through these three television series.


Since Around the World in 80 days was a success, it was thought that 80 days Revisited should be made. By now you all know one thing about Michael. He is not the guy to turn down an opportunity to discover the world. When the idea was put in front of him, he immediately accepted it. Hence, came out 80 days revisited. So far, the last book and television series that came out is Brazil.


I, as a fan, am thrilled for his new television series that may come out at any time of the year. Hopefully, it will be as exciting and adventurous as the rest were. Till then, I salute Michael Palin and his team’s courage to not had just set his foot out on these challenges but returned with success.


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