I am going, to be honest with you. There are very few things in this world that fascinate me. One of them is traveling and the other one is wisdom. The thing that prevails my fascination is the “love of wisdom” or in another word, “Philosophy”. In the early time’s philosophy was practiced more because it was considered a part of science, but even now after all these years, it is still given the same importance it deserves. My favorite part includes the people who challenged our thinking and showed us a way outside the box. Today, I am extremely honored to tell you about the greatest philosopher all of the times. These wisdom lovers are the most precious gift to mankind.

SOCRATES (470-399BC):
Socrates belonged to the era where philosophy had no existence. It was not easy to bring people towards this side of the mind. However, it was Socrates who gave birth to Greek philosophy. In today’s world, he is considered as the father of Western philosophy who made tremendous contributions in the field of epistemology and logic. I admire his thoughts and beliefs in his fields. He had a unique taste in all perspectives of life. He spent his life in Athens where he taught a number of students. The student that made him the proudest was Plato. I wish my teachers could say that about me.


I like a student who not only learns but shows he has learned through his work. The teachings of Socrates were greatly practiced by Plato. He founded the world’s first school of higher education; The Academy of Athens. Even today, you can view his preserved writings and fall in love with his philosophical mind just like I did.


ARISTOTLE(384-322 BC):
It was only due to Aristotle that the philosophy prevailed throughout the world. He, basically, learned everything he knew from Plato and then forwarded it to Alexander the Great who conquered several parts of the world and spread his master’s knowledge. The idea I like most about him is that he believes more in practicing what he loves a.k.a philosophy than theorizing it. That is how people’s approach, especially in such fields, should be.

VOLTAIRE (1694-1778):
Even though Arouet is his real name, I find his pseudonym Voltaire more interesting. His favorite way to encourage and spread philosophy in the world is by portraying what you believe in spite of the fear of getting some hate on it. He strongly believed in freedom whether it’s the freedom of expressing your thoughts or practicing religion. This French guy sure knew the way to encourage me. His writing strongly emphasized on his beliefs. His main and unique target was a Catholic church that got the most hits. I guess we should all bravely show the world what we believe in. Who knows you might end up on a list like this.


IMMANUEL KANT(1724-1804):
Immanuel Kant advanced in philosophy in a different way. He was all about perception. He believed in the world’s most honest fact and that is for people the world is how they see it is. You can never know how the world actually is or that it is not just another matrix. Your perception might not even match with others and that is how conflicts are born. However, I believe no matter what happens one should never question their own perception. There is always some room for improvement, but we should stay firm on our thoughts.

I am sure you all are aware of the time of the revival of Italy. If not, then don’t worry. All you need to know is that this guy existed at that time. He was all and only into political philosophy. He taught himself ways to not only survive in politics but conquer it and he defined all rules of staying in power at any cost in his book,’The Prince’. Through his book, he astonished a good amount of people. Before people read his book they considered rules to be the winners and praised them. However, the book showed them that ruling is all about filling people’s heart with your fear. That is a very good factual belief I must say.

AL GHAZALI(1603-1664):
He was a Persian Muslim philosopher who got some good amount of exposure to his writings. Now you may think it maybe because he was really good at his job and you are right, but another reason was that most of his writing was against Alexander’s beliefs. He challenged the thoughts of Alexander the Great through his work and tried to prove them wrong. I really appreciate his efforts to make Sufism and Islamic mysticism more popular in the world.

There you have it folks; the greatest philosophers of all times. The majority of the love I have for philosophy is due to these people who, through their writings, beautifully presented their thoughts and beliefs. I hope I was able to increase some amount of knowledge of yours. Feel free to add some more philosophers on that list. Have a good day.


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