If you ever happen to set your course off of Brazil’s island and plan to head 93 miles from São Paulo downtown, then you will come across an island called Ilha da Queimada Grande. However, you won’t come back alive because that island is basically called, “Snake Island” where the world’s most deadly snakes live. In fact, it is so deadly that it has been marked critically endangered by IUCN.

Now, I am not talking about an inch or two long snakes, but a fully grown lance head serpents. Scientists say that the island has about one to five snakes every square meter. However, no human developer has ever dared to land on that island. The snakes there are not even regular snakes that poison humans, even though for me, that is just way too scary. But I am talking about snakes whose vermin can melt human flesh. They basically feed on the tissues and human flesh and kill them by releasing neurotoxin. I am already getting creeps.

Snake Island is home to serpents that belong to the family of pit viper, the golden colored lancehead. They are known as the world’s most scary and deadly snakes that show no mercy to their prey. Sounds like my friends live on that island. While my friends feed on trust in friendship, Bothrops insular (lancehead vipers) attack the birds in the sky. They ingest them with venom that kills them. The only dissimilarity between them and my friends is that there are about 4000 of them that live on 110 acres (that is 4.6million square feet) island. No, I don’t have that many friends.

If you don’t know a thing about lance heads then let me sprinkle some knowledge on your head. Lance head Vipers are snakes that are two to five times stronger than regular snakes. They have a brownish yellow color on their downside. As per their length, they have an average length between 28-46 inches; well at least their length is shorter than mine. The part that I find the scariest about them is their pointed head; I find it a little funny as well though.

It has been estimated that 90 percent of the snakebites in Brazil are due to Grande’s vipers and they have been proven fatal for all. Most deaths in North and South America are, also, due to them. Now I hope you understand why I told you to change your route. I would consider death due to a snake bite boring especially if you know exactly how and where it would happen. Then it is not just boring, but stupid like most horror movies out there. But you can’t go there due to the fact that Brazilian Navy has put a ban on it so you’ll be getting yourself into some illegal stuff if you go there.

Now the question is, “Was the Island always like this?”

No! The Island was never like this.

Let me enlighten you with a story of the creation of Snake Island. About 11 thousand years ago, the island was a part of the mainland and everything was less venomous. However, as time passed the sea levels aroused and the island got separated from the mainland. When this happened, the island had a few of the lancehead vipers, but when they were stranded with no predator, they multiplied and grew in number. Of course, few of them died because of no food supply. But the stronger ones survived due to the migratory birds. Since they were huge and strong, they rapidly grabbed migrating birds and fed on them. Eventually, they multiplied and grew more in number, but this time only the strong ones multiplied. Due to which, the newly born snakes were more dangerous with their venom more potent.

Since their venom is more potent now, when they attack humans, the mortality rate becomes as high as 3% if the wound is treated. Otherwise, without treatment, it is only 7%. The symptoms include failure of kidney, intestinal bleeding, muscular tissue’s necrosis and hemorrhaging of the brain. I take my words back. The death by snakes is not at all boring, but it is, still, stupid if you chose to act daring about this situation.

I feel a little sad for the snakes though. Their diet also includes other regular snakes and lizards, but since they are stranded on an island, they are only capable of getting birds for dinner. However, they teach a great lesson to most humans and that is to survive in the situations life throws at you and still, come out powerful. So that is all I the information I have for you people. Feel free to add some more knowledge to my treasure chest if you like and also, did reading this article give you the same creeps I got while writing it? Let me know till then have a good day! 



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