As dead as Death Valley sounds, it is actually the most alive place on Earth. If you are not aware of its facts and figures, don’t worry my fellow human being. I am here to travel around the globe and enlighten you with its beautiful sceneries. So as someone who absorbs in all the peace and admire the beauty of places all alone for several hours, I can guarantee you that after reading all my words, you will also believe that Death Valley is hotter than Selena Gomez. Now you may have visited many places on earth you think are the hottest, but if that thought ever crossed your mind then I am sure you haven’t tasted the heat of Death Valley.

Now for a person like me, hot weather conditions are extremely necessary for survival and also for a trip down to some blazing places. In a world where most people seek the opportunity of decreasing the digits on their AC as soon as the sun goes up, I plan to be a rebel and go swimming in my sweat. It is happy to know I am not the only one. However, I know what you are thinking. “There can be so many places on Earth where you can experience the heat. Why choose Death Valley?”

Well for one reason, the temperature there goes as high as 57 degree Celsius which, by the way, is the hottest temperature ever measured on earth and if that doesn’t answer your question then there is Panamint Springs Resort build at the entrance of Death Valley. You won’t believe the amount of increments they enjoy in July when the temperature reaches as high as 100-120 degrees. It is not just any resort. It is the resort where you can enjoy daily delights in restaurant, a gas station to keep you on the road, beautiful sites for camping and cabins to allow you to rest after enjoying till your body hurts.

As far as the location of Death Valley is concerned, some part of it is located in California in Mojave Desert. I came in contact with some people and found out that there is a united famous trend going on in the USA. The season when customers from all over the world including Sweden, Germany and France is known as the “European Season” in USA; mainly due to the sea of customers that travel there to stay. This sort of heat is nowhere to be found in Europe.

Another reason why this place is the most preferable by every oven loving human being lies in its mountains. Now, there are two kinds of people. One who would love to stay on the ground and have tea parties in the Park and the other who would hike their feet off with as little supplies as possible. I can safely say I am the second one. Hiking is always fun, but when you are hiking in the Panamint Range, Sylvania mountains, and Owls head Mountains there is no better experience especially when the weather is reaching triple digit numbers.

So what makes the temperature elevate that high? The answer is in the question itself my readers; the elevation. 400 kilometers of the whole area is inshore of any water body. However, majority of the parts are under the sea level of about -282 feet. Another favorable condition is the position and height of mountains. They are responsible for blocking moisture from getting into the Valley from Pacific. Due to this geographical situation the temperature stays high as the air stays dry. I guess I just made that rhyme.

Till now, I only mentioned to you why the place feels beautiful. Let’s talk a little about what makes the place look beautiful. The water sources surrounded by vegetation feel heaven on Earth. Small shrubs are all over the place in the Valley. If you inclined a little towards the upper part of the Valley, you would come across Joshua Tress and Bristlecone Pines. The beauty of the place is emphasized after rain when the floral blooms are all over the place.

Besides the vegetation, live birds, reptiles and small, adorable mammals also exist. As much as I love to only see small mammals in my surroundings, there are some larger mammals, too including bobcats, mountain lions, big horned sheep, kit foxes and coyotes. Playing with sheep is really fun, though.

So let’s sum it up. You can enjoy the sight of beautiful vegetations and animals, enlighten your eyes with the view of mountains, and stay cozy in your room in the resort. Sounds like a perfect vacation spot for me. I hope the next time you plan your vacation, make sure to add Death Valley in your list. Stay healthy and happy till then. Have a good day.






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