You know how sometimes you wish to move to another planet or at least visit it, but you know that is super expensive so you just keep your mouth shut and bury your dreams? I am not going to promise you that I will tell you a way to make that happen, but I will tell you an alternate. I believe this will definitely work for me.

An alternate is a place in the Afar Region of Ethiopia that is famous by the name, “Danakil Desert”. Now, the landscape there is literally so out of this world that it feels like you’re on another planet. Like most planets out there, it is not a place with pleasurable soothing conditions. It is actually known to be the most brutal place on Earth. People consider it hell on Earth. Even though this place is not remembered with good names, the value of it is far beyond words for Afar people.

For Afar people, it is a source of salt slabs. They ride on dozens of camels to the desert to collect the salts and it takes them about two days to get back to the nearest town after collecting the salt in the blazing sun. However, the salts are so valuable that they are willing to tolerate the heat. This has been set as a tradition for the people there to travel all the way to the desert through the paved path.

Where on Earth would you see a desert whose basin is filled with “white gold”? It is not even just the salt, but the beautiful pattern that it forms. Nothing would compensate for an Instagram picture with such beautiful scenery. Besides the scenery, even if it was not as beautiful as it is, I would have still set my way to it. I love to be a man of new journeys. As much as going to the beach sounds fun, comfortable and safe, I am not of that life. I like to constantly challenge myself and go out on adventures that may prove to be fatal for me. The temperatures fluctuate more than the events in my life. It can be somewhere around thirty-one one day and the next, it’ll go as high as fifty. It is either scary black or white heaven, but none of them supports life.

Another fascinating point about it is the volcanoes that exist there. Since the desert is below sea level, the magma groans with all power restlessly. I would love to see the view of agonizing tendrils of salt bursting out from the volcano. The lakes on other parts of the desert contain potassium that is responsible for the bubbles that are formed and sulfur that make the lake fizzle. The solid salt is spread wide in eight kg blocks where dozens of caravans of camels walk all stretched in the horizons. The view of it in the evening is incredible while in the day time it is a view to being a part of.

Now, this was all about the beauty of Danakil Desert. It’s not only the place that attracts me but the people as well. The people that live in Danakil desert are very amusing to meet. Since they live in a tough environment, they have adapted the appearance suitable for that environment. And no, don’t think of me as someone who just got aware of this fact. I, basically, am trying to point your imagination towards their get up. The men that live near that desert all wear skirts. Now tell me that is not an amusing sight to watch. Besides that, they have serrated teeth. Girl, I want to go there as soon as possible now.

Anyway, they are not stupid to dress like that. They are actually very smart; mainly because their environment forces them to carry semi-automatic weapons with them. They are very sharp and active. You make one move to take what belongs to them and they will rip your heart out. They especially hate people that visit the Danakil Desert. As far as you are here to enjoy the scenery, you are welcome. However, if you are here to take anything that is not yours; let’s just say your day won’t quite end well unless you pay some hefty fee to the chief with the red beard. But even that won’t work now since any currency’s (Dollar, Yuan, or dirham) importance has diminished there. The salt is much more valuable than money. As per me, I know I will have some good time with them there.

Now that I have written this article and reminisced one more time why I want to pack my bags, leave everything behind and head to Danakil desert, I cannot wait to sail my ship there. Till I go adjust the trip in my calendar, let me know which part of the desert is your most favorite and are you the same heat loving daring being like all the great travelers?

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