Evolved centuries ago in the basin of the Upper Vilyui River in a town famous as Yakutia exist a dangerous place full of troubles. This place is famous for exhibiting the remains of the cataclysm that took place ages ago. The place has an ancient name, Uliuiu Cherkechekh but you know the drill. An alternative has to be made for people like us who can’t pronounce such a difficult name. The place is now famous as The Valley of Death. It sounds pretty dead to me.

I don’t know about you but dropping round ancient civilizations really triggers the geologist in me. Then I wish nothing more, but to carefully observe all remains and capture pictures with them. As an explorer, I love more to randomly end on such spots and explore them, but getting some information beforehand gives me a head start.

When you dig deep down in the permafrost, you will notice buried objects of metal. These suspicious objects are responsible for the unusual growth of vegetation. This vegetation reveals the existence of the objects in the ground. I better make a list of digging deep down to get some metals for my forbidden room. Just kidding, it is a room where I keep all the pictures and memories.

The valley in Yakutia offers the softest overland adventure of all times. It is at end of Kihpinych volcano in the head of Geysernaya River. The valley of death is not a very friendly valley for living creatures. Poisonous gases are spread all over the place. Research suggests that each year huge quantities of animals and birds die because they inhale the gases. These gases are a mixture of Carbon Sulphur, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrogen Sulphide.

The interesting fact about the deaths of animals is that most of the animals die due to the smell of other animals’ dead bodies. I admire how animals are as stingy as humans. Many experiments were made in order to confirm the fact I just told you and it was found to be true. Fewer animals died when the bodies were removed immediately. Now, when I said a good quantity of animals dies, I mean it.  Around 15 different kinds of birds, 12 different species of mammals, and several different species of insects were found dead in the Valley of Death. Now you know why it is named so. Even strong animals like wolverines, foxes, birds, and eagles are found dead. The place is like Bermuda triangle except the souls disappear here.

Now you may wonder if the deaths occur throughout the year or there is just some special time because if they occur throughout the year then I am going to go and rescue all the animals from there. However thanks to our Creator, no! The deaths only occur when the snow stops. Oh God, never let the snow stop.

It really bothered me as to why the place is so poisonous all the time. But then I did some research and figured out that the ground where the Valley rests has streams of Sulphur buried deep down. The gas streams popping up at all times spread everywhere and causes the death of the poor souls. Sediments of Sulphur are found everywhere whether you stand beside the river or on top of rocks or near the banks.

After the animals die, their bodies remain the same for a long period of time. The bacterial activity that causes decay reduces as the atmosphere remains poisonous throughout the day.

The Valley of Death is a pretty scary valley to place a foot on. The story that scares me the most is that when hunters found the valley they were traveling with their dogs. Suddenly the dogs disappeared and dead bodies were found later. The minute hunters felt danger they decided to leave, but before they could they felt a sudden negative change in their health. I cannot wait to head over there and see why this is all happening. As much as I love to read, I am more into experiencing the danger and rumor myself. However, don’t worry. It is not due to some ghost. As I mentioned earlier, it is due to the poisonous gases.

I guess I’ll buy some mask and head over there. Till then, I hope I was able to increase some knowledge of yours. Let me know if you feel as sorry for the animals as I do. Till then Have a great alive day!




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