I am not interested in the nutrients volcanoes provide to the soil surrounding it, nor am I delusional about returning alive from a death’s door. What I love is experiencing beautiful sights that take a lot of courage, energy, and passion for reaching. I agree with your point on how volcanoes are not very friendly, but if you carefully climb up there and stand while the agonizing magma stays silent, you will thank me for the feeling you get. As an explorer, I love nothing more than the feeling you get after traveling somewhere that is neither safe nor easy. Now that I have convinced you how wonderful it is to catch sight of a volcanic Kraken and you are curious about which ones I am planning to turn my beast mode on for, then here are 7 best volcanoes.


  • The Maelifell Volcano, Iceland:



A mossy green cone shaped Maelifill volcano is not far from Myrdalsjökull glacier. Even thinking about standing on top of it and experiencing the black surface around it gives me chills. The beauty is best to visit in spring when it will be hotter than Taylor Swift. However, I would plan somewhere by the end of June when the roads will be clear after the snow melts.




  • Mount Vesuvius , Italy:



Mount Vesuvius is responsible for the most volcanic eruptions in Europe.  It is the only alive volcano in that area. It lies on the west coast of Italy. I guess this much information about its location is enough. You’re going to use Google maps anyway if you plan to head there.

Vesuvius is so vicious that it has destroyed whole cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum back in 79A.D. The site is interesting to visit due to the remains of Roman life preserved through the solidified magma of Volcano. It has been about 70 years since the volcano has stayed dead. I am sure my visit won’t wake it up.


  • Krakatoa, Sunda Strait:


Sunda Strait’s small island has a beautiful erupting volcano. Although you won’t get the comfort you feel at home, but you will surely be stunned by the view Krakatoa’s legendary volcano has to offer. Krakatoa is worth visiting due to the hospitality people has to offer, long boat ride, short hike, and even the food is amazing. Due to the small hike, you can reach all the way to the top and daze yourself with the beauty of the volcano.


  • Mount Bromo Indonesia:



Inside Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park you’ll experience a landscape different from Earth. Mount Bromo is famous for fuming constantly. Now you will come across various travel agencies offering you tours and my favorite horse riding. It’s not just any horse riding. It is the horse riding on the slopes of the Volcano. Mount Bromo is paired with Mount Semeru and the eruptions, sometimes, block way towards the volcanoes.  The area is full of floods except for the time around April until October. If you are planning to head there, you now know when you should.


  • Mount Fuji, Japan:



Japan is famous for earthquakes and paper homes, what it is also famous for is Volcanoes. Mount Fuji is known as the icon of Japan. If you are aware of the beauty Japan has to offer, you must have no doubt on the beauty of Mount Fuji. Most of the year, the symmetric cone is engulfed with snow. On your way to the Volcano, you will encounter teahouses, shrines and attractive huts. The best time to be the guest of the holiday is somewhere in July and August.


  • Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania:



Even though the peak is not very difficult to reach, the sick feeling hurdles up in the middle of your hike preventing you from climbing to the top. It is due to the altitude of the Volcano. However, if you don’t get to the top of the Volcano then Kilimanjaro National Park is there to entertain you. The park is extremely pleasant with some interesting episodes awaiting you. You can go there at any time of the dry season there.


  • Arenal, Costa Rica:



Last but not the least, the best volcano to visit would be Arenal Volcano. It occasionally spits out magma, otherwise, it hasn’t erupted in quite a long time. The highlight of the Volcano is the entertainment you get to enjoy around the slope. Even the National Park has plenty of activities to keep you busy. Again, like all other Volcanoes, the best time to visit it is in the dry season.


As your travel friend, I have recommended you 7 best volcanoes around the globe. It is your choice to visit the one that best suits your desires. If you have any more to add to the list, you can type it in and send me. I will definitely consider it. Till then Have a good day!



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