Top ten photogenic places of the world

 When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go.

Alexandra Stoddard


In this age of social media and technology, we are all obsessed with pictures and to be able to get amazing shots is like a dream come true. The essence of travelling has now been reduced to merely taking photographs at beautiful locations. So for all of you selfie maniacs I have listed down ten of the most photogenic places in the world, where you are sure to get mind-blowing pictures which will help you get the likes you so desperately need.


Being a travel blogger, I have done my share of research on the most beautiful places on earth and to be honest there just too many. I was not able to include all of them in my list but I tried my best to give you a unique perception about what I am talking about. The wonderful destinations mentioned below are worth bumping to the top of your bucket list.


Banff National Park

This park is one of Canada’s oldest parks and was established in late 1885 in the Rocky Mountains. This park is at the top of beautiful destinations in my opinion.  The national park has the bluest water you have ever seen. Its crystal like reflection gives the park its beautiful glow. The park is home to much different topography such as ice fields, glaciers, alpine landscapes and dense coniferous forests. Bow River valley is the main commercial center of the park. And the park is filled with luxurious lodges where you can relax and enjoy the magnificent view.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

This is an amazing place which is listed in the Australian National heritage list and it is a 243 kilometer stretch of road beside the south eastern coast of Australia and is between the Victorian cities Allansford and Torquay. You should definitely head west from the city Melbourne onto this coastal drive in order to see the famous twelve Apostle Rock formations and koalas living in the Great Otway National Park plus the very nice seaside town of Lorne.

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Another beautiful destination is located in Greece. It is a small town plus a former community on the Islands of Therasia and Thira, in the Cyclades. The town is built on the steep slope of the caldera and the restaurants and the houses are constructed into niches carved into the caldera towards the seaward side. There is a central square and narrow passageway. The sunlight hours in the village are way longer than the ones in the town of Fira. The location of the town provides breathtaking views of the sunset over the caldera. On the western side of the town there is the Ammoundi harbour which is reached by steep stairs north of the Fort Londsa, there is a pebble beach there too.


Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is a nice place and a major tourist destination. The beautiful destination is very popular for its aqua centric luxury resorts. Vaitape is the major settlement and is present on the western side of the main Island. It is opposite to the main channel in the lagoon.  According to many reports it’s rather chocking that Bora Boras has a permanent population of 8,880. With coral reefs, over water bungalows and turquoise lagoon, this small Island in the South Pacific is one of the beautiful places in the world. It is basically heaven on earth.

Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Every year beginning from the end of November and then peaking in the early part of December, fields of very bright purple Russell Lupins bloom way across New Zealand’s South Island. The park is the largest of the fourteen national parks that are present in New Zealand and is a crucial part of the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage site. The wildlife in the region consists of birds, seals and dolphins plus various species of deer, hare, rats and mice. The park is also home to Kakapos which are the only species of flightless parrots in the entire world. Hence it’s a part of the most beautiful places in the world list. A gem for any travel blogger.


Havasu Falls, Arizona

This beautiful place is located in the Grand Canyon in Arizona, a part of America. You have to take a ten miles hike in order to get to the breathtaking location and then you can relax by swimming in the blue-green water present in the park. Trust me the place is worth the exertion.

Pitons, St Lucia

This part of the Caribbean Island is like a scene out of a fairytale. The two volcanic mountains present there are not only the most recognizable but also the most beautiful mountains in the world. Have fun and enjoy the Pitons from the pristine sand beach.


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE


The epitome of Muslim artichecture, the mosque is truly one the most beautiful places in the world. The place has eighty two domes and can accommodate forty thousand worshippers. It is not only popular because of its large size but also because of its breathe taking beauty. It consists of a marble courtyard featuring mosaics of flowers which are native to the Middle East.

St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

The place has a very dark story attached to it. It is said that St. Basil’s Cathedral was constructed in the 16th century and then Ivan the Terrible ordered the architect to be blinded in order to prevent him from creating anything even a little similar.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

This beautiful destination is famous for its Blue Lagoon that got its signature color via the silica rich waters that pour into it. The pool isn’t just pretty but is also amazing for your skin.

There are so many beautiful destinations left but for me these are definitely the top ten. If you liked what you read please share it with your friends and do revist. Goodbye


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