Traveling is not only a hobby but a mere need for survival. There is no way a person will be able to live in one corner of the room for the rest of his life. However, besides for the purpose of fun, there is one more reason for traveling. Depending on the reason there are two types of travelers; one who does  it out of passion and the other one who does it for work or buisness. I like to stay connected to the first group of people because I feel more close to them, but out of the blue, I like to get inside the minds of some great undercover travelers.

1.                 GUNTER WALLRAFF

This German guy is an expert of disguise. I cannot emphasize on how much his mission gives me goose bumps. For rendering several of his targets defenseless, he adapted identities and moved from place to place. His services were known to be proven beneficial as the insights on targeted social lives were gained successfully through him.

So when did this guy get into a business like this?

Well, in 1969, he became a part of “13 Undesired Reports” where he was supposed to travel undercover as a vagabond, factory worker, and an alcoholic. His career as an undercover journalist flourished in 1974 when he flew to Greece. Now, this was his most dangerous mission because he was under the ownership of Ioannidis military dictatorship. You can say he had a tough time there.

He became a part of Athens’s Syntagma Square where he protested for human right’s violations. Yes, your guess is right. With no ID he got arrested and you know what comes after that; lots of torture and beating. After he was released, like any other sensible guy he took a break. Then in 2010, he moved to Germany for another undercover mission. He was so good at his job that his name was given the meaning of exposing misconduct from the inside by assuming a role. This motivates me to become more successful to change my name into some meaningful desire.


Are you aware of the famous spy series, ‘real life bond girl?’ It came into existence due to Anna Chapman. After her career as a spy hit the spotlight, she became a celebrity. I must say very few people make a career this way. This Russian beauty moved to England in her teenage life. She was a part of Soviet Empire before that. Later, she moved to New York to work in a real estate. The work this attractive professional did was a cover. It turned out that she was a member of Russians secret mission, ‘Illegal’s Program’ through which she was carrying out operations in the US. Later when she got arrested, she was sent back to Russia through a spy exchange program. Her life was a constant game of heading from one country to another. However, as a spy, her life was way more joyous than others. She married a guy in England but after his death, she returned to the US to marry another man. At the end of it all, she still died in poverty at the age of 56. So basically there is so much she could have done in her life through which her end would have been a lot more luxurious.


  1.   Ruth  KUCZYNSKI:

Ruth is famous for being the bravest female spy whose work and skills surpassed all other spies. This pretty German lady began her career as a spy when she headed over to Shanghai to gather intelligence for her Soviet friends. She was not only a traveler who got training in Moscow but a talented master of disguise. She, also, went undercover as a journalist and then a bookseller. However, she was portrayed as the lady to be involved with several other spies. No one knows if that was a rumor or a fact. I suggest we don’t get into her personal life.

So after her training, she travelled to Switzerland under her pseudonym Sonia. Later she married a British guy under Soviet orders and obtained the citizenship of UK. She was, still, working as a spy when she moved to UK. However, her own nanny revealed her true self to the authorities. That is what people get when they trust someone. Though, she escaped the charges because no one took her nanny’s allegations seriously. Later she flew back to Germany only to start her career as a writer. However, due to her incredible services, she was decorated by Soviets.


These were some of the most famous undercover travelers I have in mind for you. You are free to add more to the list. At the end of the day, what matters the most is the feeling of knowing something you are passionate about is actually the key for the survival of several countries.


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