Yes You Must Visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi !

Ferrari World


It wasn’t until I went to college and I got my first motorcycle that I understood the thrill of speed.

Vin Diesel

For as long as I can remember I have been a die-hard Fast and Furious fan. I mean come on who can ignore those high end cars, the action and who can forget the girlsssss. Cars and motorcycles are something that almost every guy is obsessed with. Speed is like an addiction; once you experience it there is no turning back and for speed what better car than a Ferrari. That Cherry Red Goddess, it’s the car literally everyone dreams about driving and if like me you are loco about fast cars then there is no place for you, then Ferrari World. Nope, I aint kidding, a place like that actually exists.

Ferrari World is one of the world’s largest theme parks that is completely dedicated to the popular motoring marque. It’s situated in Abu Dhabi, on Yas Island. Ferrari world is definitely the place to be, it offers twenty of the most thrilling rides, hosts many exhibitions and provides a fun experience suitable for all ages.


This theme park is designed by highly sought after coarse planners and it completely immerses you into the world of Ferrari from the moment you arrive. The place is loaded with many Italian themes restaurants that serve pasta and different kinds of pizzas. The Ferrari World also has the largest Ferrari logo on a race car shaped roof.


If you really wana feel the adrenaline rush then you should definitely head to the Formula Rossa to be catapulted from 0 to 62 mph in two seconds. You are launched more than a hundred feet in the air and get to feel the G-Force of a Formula 1 racing driver. The little toddlers and the kiddies will no doubt love the Junior Grand Prix driving school, imagine the look on their little faces when they get to go behind the steering wheel of a scaled down replica of the original racing car.


The construction of the park began on the 3rd of November in 2007. The work on the park was in progress for about three long years (because I couldn’t wait) and it was officially opened on the 4th of November 2010.The theme park covers an area of eighty six thousand square meters. The World Travel Awards 2015 names Ferrari world as Middle East’s Leading Tourist Attraction. Not bad huh?


If someone said to me that you can have four  wishes, my first would have been to get into racing, my second to be in Formula 1, my third to drive for ferrari and 4th to make Indian roads worth driving a ferrari !

One of the best attractions is the steel dueling roller coaster known as the Fiorana GT challenge. The roller coaster consists of two 0.67mile tracks and each one of them has further four LSM launches and four powerful magnetic brakes sections. The ride immerses the passengers into head to head varying speeds, twisting and acceleration of GT racing. Two flywheel motor generator sets provide power for the ride system which isolates the surge requirements of the launches from the electrical grid. The 3 train cars of the ride have been designed after Ferrari F430 Spiders.


Ferrari gives you a special feeling. Fernando Alonso


I’ll list down the rides for you guys.

The roller coasters include:

  • Fiorana GT Challenge which was opened in 2010
  • Mission Ferrari and it was manufactured by Dynamic Attraction
  • Formula Rossa, this is  launcher
  • Flying Aces which was opened in 2016 and it is also known for having the world’s biggest non-inverting loop
  • Turbo Track, it is a shuttle (and will be the parks fifth roller coaster).

Family rides:

  • Tyre Twist, its  teacup ride
  • Driving experience, in which you get to drive a Ferrari
  • Speed of Magic, it’s a 4D ride
  • Viaggio in Italia, a flight stimulator
  • Made in Maranello, gives a tour of the Ferrari factory
  • Galleria Ferrari, which is an interactive historical gallery
  • Fast Lane, this is an Interactive game show
  • Driving with the Champion
  • Bell Italia, it is a tour of miniature Italy.


Thrill rides:

  • Karting Academy ( Go Karts )
  • V12 Enter the Engine, it’s a log flume
  • Scuderia Challenge which is an interactive motion simulator


              Rides for Children

  • Junior GP, Junior Pilota’s racing school.
  • Junior GT, Junior Pilota’s driving school.
  • Benno’s Great Race, which is an interactive dark ride.
  • Junior Training Camp, Climbing area.
  • Khalil’s Car Wash, it is an interactive play area.


The Park itself has earned many awards that include Best International Leisure Development which was awarded by the International Property Award and Bloomberg in 2010. It also won the 2011 Brass ring by IAAPA in 2011 plus it was the Gold winner designation for Best Permanent Exhibition according to Event Design Magazine 2011.

After writing this article I so wana go there again. The rides are epic and you all should definitely check the place out. Do share your experiences with me and if you liked my post, do not forget to share it with your friends. Goodbye


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