7 Best Backpacking Destinations To Go Now!

7 best backpacking destinations

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”

― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky


Backpacking all over the world is one of the most adventurous and economic ways to spend your holiday. For years, broke college students have enjoyed grasping their gear, some good fellows, a reliable map, and setting out onto an unfamiliar place. That’s how the very popular European explorer Rick Steves started out in 1973. But the world is shifting, and there are some things you really ought to consider before you go, like wherever to backpack, safety, what to take and how much money you can actually spend. Are you on board to camping, or do you wana stay at hotels? How much will the foodstuff cost? Finding inexpensive places to travel can be rather tricky, but with these top fifteen amazing places to backpack you are assured to see the world minus breaking your bank. Get ready; clutch your gear and go!!!!

Sri Lanka


You would have possibly noticed throughout the past few years, more and more of your friends are drifting to Sri Lanka and i know why. The flights are cheap and the country is still practically inexpensive. Actually the story is that Srilanka’s long civil war has come to an end which released Sri Lanka’s gates to tourism with allures including tea plantations jungles, wildlife viewing and beaches.


Nepal is a definitive destination for backpacking cheaply. It is the home of the Garden of dreams and the Everest, this country also shares a border with India and Tibet. Do head to Birgunj, the country’s commercial capital, to the Durga Temple, Shankar Acharya Gate, where India meets Nepal and clock tower.


This one is a personal pick. This nation has for a very long time been related with corruption, drugs and crime .The people that have travelled forward to Columbia to get away from the tourists of Peru and Ecuador will tell you another story. Columbia no doubt has some of the friendliest and most inquisitive people. Such mixed terrain means that there’s constantly something to do, see and photograph.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”

― Lao Tzu




This country is perfect for budget mindful backpackers searching for a stifling land with a rich culture and world class cookery. Students can relish Bangkok on as little as 20 dollars per day. Try your luck at Thai Boxing, and then relieve yourself with the renowned authentic Thai iced tea from the curb stores and street food. Stroll around Buddhist temples and architectural masterworks that are full of Thailand’s past, or explore the country’s striking islands.


Eat, Pray and Love your way through this amazing nation. Backpacking in India is both tranquil and cheap. Student hostels are present in all the key cities, but you might have to give up luxuries like air conditioning and hot water pressure in exchange for miraculous sites. The vast subcontinent has everything from beaches of Goa to the desert safaris and Himalayan Mountains.





The world class chilled atmosphere and surf beaches of the central American country has also presented itself  on this year’s top destination lists across the internet. It is a lot more reasonable and relaxed than the neighbor Costa Rica, appealing adventurous travellers and a huge surfing community.


This country is one of the key places to backpack, with thousands of small islands for students to travel. If you are rubbing your head about where to begin, head to Sumatra, where you can listen to the wild monkeys’ calls, take in the morning mist from the window of a cozy lodge or read a book by the waterfall. If you desire the resonance of beachside yoga, the Island is for definitely for you.


This nation has become a progressively popular backpacker destination due to its unique history and spectacular landscapes as the link between Asia and Europe. Its capital Istanbul also served as the political midpoint of both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Begin your journey here, where extending your dollar is laidback. Visit the Chora Church, Hagia Sophia Museum and Istanbul Old Town, and don’t miss the Grand Bazaar. It is packed with hundreds of shops; the perfect place to absorb Turkish culture and it is the pulse of the city.


Iceland is popular primarily for its natural attractions, striking mountains and plains to its hot springs, plus the capital city’s blossoming artistic scene. The nation’s glaciers, thermal springs, geysers and sulphuric smell in the air are similar to the volcanic movement of New Zealand.

I hope you guys found this list of destinations helpful. I tried my best to include all the amazing countries where you should definitely go when you are on a budget. My main motive in writing this article was to provide motivation to the people who complain that they do not have the luxury to travel, well now you do. No more excuses people. Go out there and seize the world.

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