Best Places To party in Zanzibar




“We sat in the car 
& the night dropped
down until the 
only sounds were
the crickets &
the dance of our voices

& for a moment
the world became
small enough to
roll back & forth 
between us.” 
― Brian Andreas, Hearing Voices: Collected Stories & Drawings



There is something magical about life at night; the darkness seems to make us embark on a journey of Euphoria. And when well just to make it a little less dramatic I must say that the best parties happen at night and who says no to fun on a holiday. Right?

I travelled through most of Africa, but the fun I had in Zanzibar was incomparable. Zanzibar is not just a party destination but it is “THE’’ party central. The place has amazing night clubs and in this post I am going to share and tell you about the best hang out places in Zanzibar at night.

Zanzibar is actually an Island that is located off the east coast of Tanzania. If you are looking to have some memorable experiences at night, checkout the Stone Town, African House and a variety of different bars along the beach.


The number bars on the Island keep on increasing year by year due to the bulk of tourists that keep on growing every year. Some of the bars cater almost exclusively for the tourists while others to the local Tanzanians that have migrated to Zanzibar from the mainland. As the indigenous inhabitants of Zanzibar are mostly Muslims so they do not drink alcohol. The drinks that are usually available are Kenyan, Tanzanian, South African and international soft drinks and beers plus imported and local spirits. The wines are mostly from South Africa. Many of the bigger hotels have separate bars, which are also open to non-guests and many of the places mentioned in this post also serve drinks.




Bwawani Disco

The Bwawani Hotel hosts a disco most of the nights, in the equally seedy and dark room under the swimming pool. The weekends are the most famous. The entry cost is about 1.25 US dollars. Usually the evenings do not warm up until late midnight. If the hotel gets renovated in the future then the disco might get a lick of paint and some better furniture. But do not hold your breath, or umm maybe it’s not such a bad idea if you hit the loos.



Mercury is not technically a night club but it’s an amazing bar. This place is great from sundowners and it offers foods and drinks all day and all night long. The place is famous for its happy hour, which out of high season is runs generously from 5pm to 8pm and it offers an excellent range of cocktails. A variety of Shisha pipes are also available. If you are more into the scenery than the beer then in from May to September the angle of the sun makes it possible to witness the sunset.

Gerry`s Bar

This place is not technically a nightclub but a place you should not ignore. It is absolutely my preferred spot in Nungwi; it is run by a very exquisite expat couple. Great music, tasty drinks created by a fine bartender with his head full of dreadlocks, the outlook on  paradise beach and unexpectedly good food, so you can go there for dinner as well.

Paje by Night

This amazing hotel bar with a enjoyable atmosphere is a number one place on the map of the bars in Paje, not only for the kite surfers. Tasty food, a mix of Italian, Spanish and local cuisine. The hotel is present on the second line from the shore, close to the main entrance to the beach.

“And the night shall be filled with music, 
And the cares, that infest the day,
Shall fold their tents like the Arabs,
and silently steal away.” 
  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Kendawa Rocks

This is not actually a club but is the place to be at Saturday nights. On the Saturdays that fall upon the fall which is during or near the full moon, The Kendawa Rocks Beach Hotel hosts its very popular Full Moon Party. It’s there right on the white sand beach with music and dancing under the bright night stars.

Cholo’s Disco Bar

On the Nungwi Beach Cholo’s party central is held. It attracts an adult crowd of 30 somethings that come to drink and dance the night away. For good drinks, great food, a fun atmosphere and crashing waves in the background, you should definitely head over to Cholo’s.

Forodhani Gardens

If bars and clubs are not your thing then head down to Forodhani Gardens. This street market comes alive at night with foot stalls, performers and vendors. Do not forget to bring along a picnic blanket and come as early as you can to get the best spot on the grass. It is a lively scene for the people that are watching. The seafront park is the place to be for locals and tourists alike. After spending an evening at the Forodhani Gardens you really get the feel for the local community.

All in all Zanzibar is an amazing place to go with a lot to do at night. Trust me you won’t get bored. If you liked what you read please share it with your friends and do revisit the blog. BOOM


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