Explore The Pristine Underwater World By Scuba Diving In Dubai

Exploring underwater world is a meditation in itself. The blue serene world totally rejuvenates your inner self again. It’s like a sweet dream you do not want to wake up from; swimming with a world that’s totally different from yours makes you feel like you have reached to a place which never existed earlier. The small plants tickling your body with their fury touch and the limitless vision of water is an oasis for adrenaline junkies. What can be more enchanting than diving into the home of animals in their natural habitats. So whether you’re thinking about underwater adventure or about taking plunge into diving, these 4 destinations in Dubai should be on your diving bucket list.


This place is around ten minutes by boat from Al Aqah, and has been the favorite destination for divers since decades. With a depth of upto 30 meters this underwater spot is a beginner’s paradise. It also has a wreck that can be used by the experienced open water divers. It has more than 469 species of fish including seahorses, reefs, stone fish, yellow snappers, blue parrotfish, stingrays, and plenty of soft and stony coral to explore. Known for its pristine diving and thrilling underwater experience this place is the absolute favorite of long-time dive fans. You’ll never get bored diving inside this vast ocean of water, which is exactly why divers like returning to this small, easy-going underwater spot.

Zainab Wreck

It is the most interesting dive site in the west coast of Dubai and it takes around 45 minutes from the Palm Jumeirah by boat to reach to this place. Boasting about wonderful reefs and prolific marine life this place is strictly for advanced open water divers and above. This is also the place where giant sea turtles and fishes swim sleek reef sharks, and the vertical walls drop thousands of meters from the edge of peaceful beaches into mysterious blue depths. Here, you’ll see fish of the Arabian Gulf, including whale sharks, bannerfish, stingrays, boxfish, parrotfish, batfish and small oysters. If you’re visiting this underwater spot, be prepared to encounter large animals with mantas and whale sharks, as well as awesome macro critters.

Sharm Rocks

It is also known as Three Rocks because you can see three rock pinnacles emerging from the sea. It is just along the coast near to Snoopy Island and is an ideal spot for open water divers. In this underwater rock landscape you can find plenty of reef fish of all kinds, cuttlefish and boxfish in about 14M max depth. You can even spot the rays and turtles among the site’s shoals of fish if you’re a bit lucky. Diving is not at all dangerous over here because of the low depth and there is a complete kingdom  of coral life over here which can give you amazing tranquility and memories.  This experience will definitely leave you feeling serene and mellow.

Martini Rock

I love getting away from the hustle and bustle of life and this urge of getting close to serenity and peace landed me to Martini Rock- an underwater wonder. It’s name truly signifies it’s rocky structure off the coast of Fujairah and is the home to different variety of sharks. It is surrounded by a beautiful mountain scenery all around unfolding in front of your eyes, the enchanting underwater world of coral reefs, the opportunity to dive and swim in the blue water and the best part is the French breakfast and sea food lunch that you’ll get as your dive ends. It has a depth of 10-23 metres and the amazing structure of this underwater spot looks like an upside down glass. This site is also very famous among the photographers, and is the home to quite a diverse variety of interesting marine animals such as Murray eels, sea gull, lionfish, boxfish, tuna fish, barracuda, and some critters. You can find a lot more corals and marine activity in this underwater wonder. Swimming deeper you can even find the professional divers waving at you. You will be in awe of the sheer magnificence of this place and would cherish it as the most thrilling memory of your life.

If getting away from the rush of the city life and taking on experiences filled with goodness of nature is your greatest wish then you must visit these awe inspiring places. Witnessing the depths of the ocean life, diving into the deep ocean, feeling the underwater creatures crawl above you as you swim across the blue water is an unusual experience. It’s a memory worth remembering and it’s like you are not a part of this world. Try something new each day because the time lost will never come back.


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