Most loved mountain biking destinations in Dubai

Mountain biking is an exciting outdoor sport that give adrenaline rush and is absolutely thrilling to perform. Biking in the mountain regions of Dubai is an enchanting experience, which leaves you totally thrilled as you ride a path, not as comfortable as typical highways. The entire route, which is made up of rough terrain, steep ascend, rocky path, and lots of challenges is indeed a treat for mountain bikers who keep a special corner in their hearts for extreme sports. Usually, bikers choose their preferred location for this adventure sport keeping in mind several factors such as the availability of different routes, cycling friendliness, safety and accessibility of that place. For all those people who wish to show their biking skills on hefty terrains, it is a test of their nerve, precision, and optimum fitness. Here is our guide to the far-flung places in Dubai that we reckon as the best prospects for a mountain-bike adventure.

HATTA MTB Trail Center

With routes through the rugged and surreal surroundings, these are considered to be the best place for mountain biking in Dubai.  This region also has the most stunning scenery and gives the perfect start to both beginners and experienced bikers. It has 14km of multiple cross-country routes full of various challenges for both absolute beginner to pro riders – and another 35km of trails are planned over the coming months.

These trails are further split into 4 different categories – blue for intermediate riders, green for beginners, red for experienced bikers, and black for pro riders. They cover wide trails, diverse terrains, cambers and wadi crossings. While this area is constantly developing, its main facilities are currently at the Hatta Trail campsite, which is fully fledged with shower area and washrooms. You can even find a few small cafes and a supermarket nearby Hatta village.

Opening Time

HATTA MTB Trail Center is open 24 hours a day and the mountain biking is absolutely free over here.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

Along Abu Dhabi’s picturesque boardwalk, this backcountry single motor cycle lane is slightly more dynamic, and offers you many challenging rides that you can’t find elsewhere. The rocky ridges, steep and loose saddle drops, and ribbons of tire-width trail cutting rewards you with a wonderful ride of the lifetime. It starts out on rough, jangling plain, with Arabian-style switchbacks that require some trials skills to clear, and then turns faster and more flowing the lower you get. And if you want to rent a bike, there are several locations along the Corniche where you can easily get a bike at affordable rate. This is also a great place for beginners to hone their motor biking skills as professional bikers offer guided tours to the beginners. You can also enjoy tasty food and drinks at the array of cafes and refreshment stands lining the strip. Those who are really adventurous can definitely have best experience of their life while motor biking across the steep hills.

Dubai Autodrome

Dubai Autodrome is a motorsports circuit located in Dubailand, Dubai. It hosts motor biking nights on its 2.4km Club Circuit and offers a great opportunity to participate in this adventurous sport at the floodlit racetrack. The track is not only suitable for motorbike riders but it attracts all kinds of riders to showcase their skills. An occasional strong gust of wind provides an extra challenge riding across the tracks. The entry is absolutely free and if you don’t have a bike you can rent it at nearby Revolution Cycles.

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It is a small village towards the other side of the country with razor-sharp rocks, and adventurous terrains.  This undulating part of the Hajjar mountain range has miles and miles of single track, perfect for weekend riders who keep a special corner in their hearts for this extreme sports. There are absolutely ravishing and great trails for bikers who have an adrenaline rushing in their body. The unmarked network of trails continues to increase as the number of trail builders grow in number with the rapid expansion of this region’s mountain-biking community. Take in the loose dirt and bike as if there is no end.

Safety Precautions

Mountain biking in Dubai is a high adrenaline sport and it could be risky at times if you don’t take few safety precautions and proper training. A helmet is a must for any terrain. Also, carrying a bike repair tool kit can be a great help if you are racing at longer distances. Accessories such as lights, bells, etc. and proper motor biking cycling clothes are also an essential part of the safety checklist for mountain biking.

Dubai is a place worthy for all kinds of bikers, from novices to the pro riders. For bikers who want to ride across some of the most thrilling mountain trails, should definitely head to these destinations in Dubai. The mountain biking trails in these areas are an outdoor adventurer’s dream destination. Let your wilderness rise above solitude with this thrill seeking sports.


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