The Ultimate Rock Climbing Destinations In Dubai

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting up and down a precipice safely under chalked hands. But you don’t have to be Spiderman to enjoy some of the best crags in Dubai. It is the place where the desert opens up and spired cathedrals of red rock sprout from the sand, you will have goose bumps—stunned by the awesome thrilling landscape and an immediate sense that you have arrived somewhere you were always meant to be. It’s an almost-holy playground. Dubai offers an imperative array of rock climbing opportunities in its diverse arena and gives an awe-inspiring sensation of triumph once you have scaled a high cliff. Here is the list of top destinations in Dubai where an adventure junkie can carry out the thrilling sport of rock climbing:

Rock Republic

It is an empyrean for rock climbers all over the globe and is the first and only indoor bouldering facility in UAE. They offer different varieties of routes from v1 to v9, different holds from monodot to positive and they even have amazing challenges in their new overhanging wall. You can start both as a beginner and a pro and your challenges will keep increasing as you successfully complete the challenges. Each route is graded by ability, so you can note down your progression as you scramble your way around the room. Rock Republic also provides the gear including climbing shoes, chalk and professional guidance. It is a big hit with adventure enthusiasts and tourists from all over the planet come here to enjoy its urban-friendly style of rock climbing.

+971 4 882 9361

Pharaoh’s Club

Ditch the gym and get fit with some inner-city climbing at Pharaohs’ Club. Located in the WAFI Mall it has a cool and adventurous feel inside with whitewash walls and colorful holds and climbing sessions generally take place in groups of five. It has a fantastic array of bouldering walls with a good range of holds for both beginners and experts. While you take to the 13.5-metre-high wall a professional expert will always be there to guide you when you appear stuck. Getting to the top is a slightly heart wrenching experience at first, but after a few climbs it gets easier. It’s enjoyable and you won’t experience any sort of anxiety even when you are a beginner. It might take a little while to relax when abseiling back down, but it’s the best way to satiate the adrenaline rush while coming reaching the top and coming back to the ground.

+971 4 324 0000

Adventure Zone

This climbing centre has taken the ordinary climbing wall experience to a new level. Catering to all ages and abilities of people, Adventure Zone strives to show people how fitness can be achieved through climbing. Over here you’ll climb up dinosaur skeletons, carcass and compete with your friends against the clock. There’s even a quizzical climbing wall where you are asked questions at every level and if you answer the questions correctly then only you can proceed further. Fail and you fall. Don’t worry too much about falling down on the ground once you fail to answer the questions because these walls use an automatic belaying system. So there are no chances of getting injured.

+971 4 343 5110

Dorell Sports

This is the highest climbing wall in the city and has everything for climbers who want to learn the skill of rock climbing. Up for a challenge? You can test your rock climbing skill by participating in various challenges and as you level up your skill also gets improved.  You can always take the help of the instructor if you feel stuck at any round of the challenge to safely back off. It’s awe wondering while you reach the top while scaling the wall. The abseil down can be a bit nervy for beginners, but overall, it’s very safe. Especially for the beginners there is a flat wall with smaller holds, and a face with more curves for a challenging, realistic rock climb. You can easily choose your level and start climbing above the walls.  It offers you a complete bouldering and training area. You can just strap on a pair of shoes and you are ready to be on the top.

+971 4 306 5061

Rock climbing is becoming more and more popular amongst adventure junkies and extreme thrill aficionados, and this is because of what it involves. Are you a person who has the zeal to wade through the walls and conquer many other challenges that the rock-climbing spots throw at you? From the frightful to the benign, the easy to the difficult levels, the climbing experience across these places the best thing is that you choose your own adventure. Well if you are up-to the challenges, then Dubai is the place for you!


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