Perfect Weekend Getaways From Dubai

Ever felt like giving yourself a dose of boosters before the Monday-blues fork over? Well, don’t wait another minute, give yourself a perfect excuse to let that wandering spirit free.  Get out there and chase your passionate streaks making your weekend more enriching, awesome and gratifying!

Dubai tends to be brimming with tourists looking for some respite from their daily lives during weekends. Yet, there exist places that have not yet been over crowded by the tourist rush– leaving space for you to discover much more. Today I have enlisted few places that are perfect for weekend getaway in Dubai so that before you realize, “Aah the weekend is already over?” You can create the memory of your lifetime.

Go flying over the sea at Jazirah Aviation Club

Ras Al Khaimah’s Jazirah Aviation Club offers a perfect dose of adventure to your withered soul. It offers a range of aerodynamic pursuits, from micro flights to gyrocopters to parachute gliding. You can view the amazing world of Dubai covered by sand dunes as you pass over the sea. You might even get a chance to spot a turtle or two.

Picturesque Hatta reservoir can calm you

Away from the chaos of the city, the dam at Hatta Reservoir instills you with the calm of nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The picturesque natural landscape of the lake and mountain together paves way for a great getaway well worth a visit. You can even provide your hungry belly the best food by having lunch at Hatta Fort Hotel and don’t forget to play a round of mini golf before you get set to return back. A visit to Hatta Reservoir is ideal for a weekend getaway.

A late-night dip at Atlantis

You haven’t lived fully if you haven’t experienced the weekend fun at the Atlantis picturesque pool which is a new weekly late-night party spot. You can now maximize the weekend fun by grabbing a floatie and hitting the water, as resident DJs play some great music around. You can even gorge on some lip-smacking snacks over here and play various fun games. With lavish surroundings, awesome ambiance and a hint of booze you can completely shake off the working week.

Opening: From 7pm until midnight

Location: The Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

Historical day out around Ajman

History is the strength of any nation or community. If you are someone who has an eye or ear for history then you should definitely take a road trip around Ajman, a home to many historical sites such as The Al Mareer Fort, Hassa Buweid Castle, Masfut and the Bin Sultan mosque. You can even take a stroll around the Ajman Museum, a heritage fort that previously housed the ruling family. These places give you the perfect opportunity to soak into the old world charm and absorb the cultures of your ancient legends.

Visit Al Wadi’s Falconry Mews

Falconry is a regal sport in Dubai and if you are someone deliberate to know about this prized hunting tool of UAE then head over to Banyan Tree Al Wadi’s Falconry Mews in Ras Al Khaimah. It is a pioneer falconry spot having hawks, owls and eagles along with the master tips of experienced falcons. It also offers the visitors a falconry course and educates them about this game. If you just want to experience the amazement of this sport then you can stand at the falconry deck and watch a raptor show and a bird-watching hide.

Watch the sunrise in Fujairah

The best way to experience the beauty of Emirates is by watching the sunrise on Fujairah’s east coast and while you see the sun rising be prepared to see a burst of color in the sky. When you sit and await the dawn, which is seen when celestial rays of sun pierce the darkness and illuminate a jagged, lunar-like landscape the morning sky gets etched in your mind forever. This place is also called as “The land of magical sunrise”. Apart from viewing the sunrise you can also stay at The Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort which stands on the coastline set against the backdrop of these mountains.

Weekend getaways not only break free from monotony but they also rejuvenates your tired soul and these places can surly offer a mix of ambiance and amenities that will rekindle your life with joy, happiness, excitement and lots of adventure. Whether you want to swap the suburbs for local taste, the boardroom for beaches, and the commute for adrenaline-fuelled adventure Dubai has everything to offer to revive you from your tired and hectic routine. I have listed these places in my travel diary as the best memories of my life, still refreshing and so pleasant to remember.


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