Best Transportation Medium In Dubai That Keep You Movinng!



Ever since humans invented the wheel, we have been trying to reach farther and farther places. The urge to travel and explore and to connect with people from all across the world has driven a transportation revolution. Dubai is the ultimate tourism and travel hub and one of the most favorite tourist’s hotspot in the world. It earns most of its revenue from tourism industry and if you are planning to visit Dubai then it’s important to have the knowledge of the various modes of transportation in Dubai. Unlike other emirates in UAE, Dubai has the ease of urban mobility, you can use Dubai Metro, book a taxi, use Dubai Metro, RTA Buses, or even book a helicopter as well.

People who want to have a vacation in Dubai often ask me about the best transportation modes in Dubai. So today I’m going to pen down my experiences which will act as a golden map to help you find the best means of local transport in Dubai.

Dubai Taxi

There are more than one ways to travel around in Dubai both as a tourist and as a resident. But hiring a taxi can be the easiest way to travel around the busy streets of Dubai. When you visit Dubai you will notice a variety of taxis in service outside the airport ready to take you along the nooks and corners of Dubai. The minimum fare for Dubai taxi is AED 12 which is a bit higher than the other cities in Emirates. You can pay through cash to the cab driver and few taxis can even give you the flexibility to pay through card. If finding a taxi seems to be problematic for you, you can dial 800 9090 from your phone for Dubai taxi booking to pick you from the desired destination.

Dubai Metro

Dubai metro is a rapid transit rail network in Dubai and is the most commonly used transport medium in this city. Dubai also has the best metro operations in the world and has the only man less train system in the whole world. Currently it runs on two lines – the green line and the red line. The government is planning to build more lines and extend the existing lines further.

In order to use the metro you’ll have to buy metro tickets in the form of a Nol card or you can also buy a onetime public transport ticket. You cannot use any other payment option for Dubai Metro tickets. A Nol card is like a credit card that holds a balance to travel in the metro easily. You can easily buy a NOL Card for AED 25 having usable credit of AED 19. Minimum fare is AED 3 and maximum Fare is AED 7.5.


Apart from metro you can also use the services of buses in Dubai for travelling to places that do not have an access to the metro. Travelling through a bus is more exciting and budget friendly. Though you may take more time than the metro but it surly gives you new experiences and a budget friendly ride. You can use the same NOL Card that you bought for Metro for travelling through the RTA Buses. If you are thinking about the patches on the road then you don’t need to worry as the roads in Dubai are exceptionally smooth and well maintained. However, 7-9 AM and 5-8 PM you should expect a lot of people and you should avoid using the bus service at this time.

Dubai Tram

I can’t even explain t you how exciting it is to sit on the Tram and travel across Dubai Marina district. Tram is a newly launched transport system in Dubai and right now you can only enjoy the ride of Dubai Marina district mainly. You can use the same NOL Card, which you use in metro and RTA bus to travel in tram.


You might be thinking why I have added the mode of transportation fit for the royal and elite class people. So let me explain you don’t need to be a millionaire to travel in a helicopter in Dubai. The private companies mainly located in Palm Jumeirah charge you from AED 500 – AED 1,000 for a one way trip to any place in Dubai. This might not be the most commonly used mode of transportation but those who want to have the luxurious ride of the lifetime this option can be an absolute bliss.

So these were the mode of transportation medium in Dubai which you can use to travel across Dubai and add more wonderful experiences to your travel diary. The mode of transportation of a place keeps you moving and Dubai surly offers the best ways to commute across this Desert Land.



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