Dubai: A Global Gem On The World Map

If wishes were horses, everyone would wish to visit Dubai, the most grandiose and exemplified city in the world. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the world with world class infrastructure, 5 star restaurants, world’s best transportation system, record breaking growth and happy and contented citizens. The rapid growth in all the developmental arenas, has placed it at the top in terms of global competitiveness. It stands like a glittering gem on the world map constantly dwelling in a suppressive competition with itself trying to magnetize tourists to a dreamy world of amazing experiences and fanaticizing memories.

Cosmopolitan metropolis

The entrepreneurial abilities of this city to create the inconceivable found in its, restaurants, landmarks, hotels, business communities, nightlife and recreational centers crowns it as the global city fulfilling the citizen’s dreams . Although it has it’s own traditional practices, it allows space for other religions to breathe, a rare feature amongst the conservative Arab world. It is even far away from the practice of extremism, much-needed for it to survive. Dubai is also a cosmopolitan metropolis that has grown steadily to become a global city.  It is the business and cultural hub of the Middle East and caters to all the needs of it’s citizens.

Rapid Acceleration in Economy

Dubai is the second wealthiest city in the UAE, after Abu Dhabi which is a gem of the modern world. People primarily believe that Dubai’s revenue comes primarily from oil but in fact it is not only the reason for it’s economic growth, the breathtaking monuments, world class hotels, new business ventures and international trade is the major factor to build up Dubai’s economy. Dubai has also developed as a global hub for service industries such as IT and finance because of the introduction of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).  The rapid economic acceleration of this city has crowned it as a global paradise.


Innovation and the influence


Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for it’s innovative technology and advanced wave of globalization. From finance to business sector to media and communication Dubai is a global wonder in each and every aspect of it’s growth. With every passing year, this city is acquiring international functions and positioning it’s tradable sectors for global exchange.


Infrastructure and Development


Dubai has the most advanced and developed infrastructure in the whole world. From railways to airports to telecommunications, Dubai is home to world class facilities that have increased economic growth. There are 7 international airports across the country and the UAE has two major international airlines, Emirates and Etihad. The extensive road network of this city connects each of the seven emirates and connects with the major transportation hubs and population centers. The city also has numerous port facilities from general cargo to container shipping, and oil and gas industry.


World Class Hotels And Restaurants


Dubai offers the global luxury lifestyle to all it’s citizens serving world class culinary dishes and Arabic delights. Each restaurant over here has the perfect amalgamation of stunning décor, spectacular views and out of the world culinary experiences. The hotels over here are also luxurious paradise where you will have the time of your lives and your most opulent dreams get fulfilled over here. From the million dollar Burj Al Arab, to Jumeirah Beach hotel to Al Maha Resort and Spa there are limitless options for calming down your luxury driven soul. They pamper the guests with king sized rooms, refined international food and extra-special amenities. These hotels are the perfect example of Dubai’s global up rise and rapid developmental growth.


Recently, Dubai was ranked 5th on the world global map. It has jumped three places from the previous year’s ranking and all of these developmental aspects are the major reason why it has emerged a pioneer in the global cities of the world. The city has emerged as a global hub for transportation, financial rise, infrastructure and trade, making it the most popular destination for people to live, invest, educate their children, network and spend their leisure time. The visit to this global city can give you the perfect dose of luxury and developmental hypothesis. This city is still growing and adding new experiences to it’s citizen’s life improving their standard of living and overall financial acceleration.


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