Dune Bashing: The Heritage Sport Of Dubai/ Best Places For Dune Bashing In Dubai


Looking for a soul satisfying, heart-pumping adrenaline rush? Dare to try the most popular adventure sport of the Emirates -dune bashing. Dune bashing provides the perfect dose of enjoyment and excitement to the visitors over here. Certified and professional guides power four-wheel drive SUVs straight up and over sand dunes, which is the most enduring adventure in the desert land. The dune bashing offers a unique opportunity for guests to experience a true Arabian adventure. But when it comes to checking out Dubai’s gorgeous, golden-hued deserts and dune bashing, it is always best to go in the cooler months. I personally opted for the the morning tour but you can choose the tour from both sunrise to sunset to make the most of your time in Dubai. Today I’ll reveal the best places for dune bashing in Dubai.







Al Faya Desert

Location:  Sharjah/Al Malaiha road (E55)

Al Faya Desert is most popular for its sand dunes and is a great place for camping and star gazing. This desert is located towards the east-coast exclaves when you ride along the Sharjah-Kalba Road. This is a spectacular desert famous for it’s it’s big dunes and ruby sand. It is the favorite spot for both amateurs and skilled drivers due to its dunes, which are bigger than Al Bidayer. This place is also known as the “Big Fall” because one can find the biggest dunes to ride down here. This spot is also favored for camping under the stars; be careful to stay away from the adrenaline junkies cruising along the desert.

Liwa desert

Location: Rub Al Khali, Abu Dhabi

This is the favorite dune bashing sport for experienced dune-bashers. This place is also known as “The Empty Quarter” because of the big dunes over here. Liwa desert is mainly famous for the festivals and challenges that are conducted annually. It is the largest desert in the Arabian Peninsula. Spread over a wide area, this desert is the largest desert in the Arabian Peninsula and shares its border with Saudi Arabia.

I truly enjoyed The Liwa festival over here. It is a week-long festival, where a challenge is thrown to tackle the Moreeb dune, also called the “terrifying mountain”. This is the reason why it is the most loved place for those who consider themselves to be the best in the sport of dune bashing.


Location:  Hatta/Oman highway (E44), Sharjah

This is the most popular spot for dune bashing and other sand sports also known as “Big Red” because of the dark red color of the sand.  There are many professional guides easily available over here, who make your sand dune ride experience memorable and exciting. This Desert is different from  the rest of the deserts famous for the sand dune experience because it has the easiest dunes that can be maneuvered both by professionals and amateurs. On weekends and holidays the motorists make it a desert adventure showing their amazing bike riding talent in the dunes.  

Fossil rock

Location: Sharjah/Kalba road, Sharjah

This place offers a great dune bashing sport for beginners and professionals alike. Initially heading past camel farms along a sandy track and Wadi Fayah, it’s an easy introduction to dune bashing, which becomes as challenging as you want to make it when you approach Fossil Rock. Officially called Jebel Maleihah it is most famous for the prehistoric marine fossils found on its slopes. The fossils mainly consist of shells and small creatures that once lived on our water front, but have now  solidified to form perfect imprints. This spot is also captured by photography enthusiasts because of it’s serene beauty and people interested in camping, fossil hunting and hiking.


Location: Abu Dhabi/Sweihan/Al Hayer road, Abu Dhabi

This place is a wish fulfilled for both amateurs and professionals involved in dune bashing. Located in Abu Dhabi, it is mainly famous for big dunes and soft sands. Sweihan is known as “Little Liwa”, because it is very famous among the Liwa enthusiasts. This desert is however different from the other deserts and is loved by both amateur and experienced drivers, due to its big dunes and soft sands.There are many professional guides easily available over here and you can even polish your dune bashing skill through their help. There are abundance of camels and lone Emiratis found over here with their falcons.

To sum up, no matter where you are in Dubai, chances are you will find yourself on an unforgettable nature adventure with the skill of dune bashing. It’s not only a sport but the heritage of Dubai. The gold kissed deserts, the sun duned mountains makes dune bashing even more memorable. Whenever I visit Dubai I don’t forget to play this sport it has a priceless adventure dose which makes your visit to Dubai worth remembering.



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